Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Talk to you soon from Majuro! - 10-14-2014 (Lae)

Responding to you first before the internet shuts off random!! You are
awesome and the first thing I want you to know is that I'm not hungry!! I
have food enough to eat and be satisfied! It's no chipotle or steak,
but don't you worry about me physically. I am fine!! Second I'd like to
thank Heavenly Father for answering our prayers and being with us
every day of our lives and how much he has blessed you for the service
us missionaries are doing. I love being a missionary and I am working
my hardest right now. I'm excited to go home, and I am working hard to
be the best missionary I can until the end. I thought I would get
progressively lazier as time went on but I am unusually motivated to
work hard and study hard and just finish strong!!

Sorry to hear life is boring compared to Hawaii!!! haha I wish I got
to spend more time there!! You guys had a fun trip and I hope you can
bring that energy home to the wastelands of Minnesota!! haha I'm going
to bring my island happiness back with me that's for sure!! How is
Macey with tennis? and congrats to Matt for looking into our church.
Treat his interest as something precious and pray for the Spirit to
be with him in every missionary opportunity. If he honestly searches
he will truly find. Boy, do I wish all my friends in Minnesota were
down to study and learn more. I hate to distance myself from them but my
mission is changing me so much. I like who I am becoming and want to
continue to grow. Pretty cool I read Jesus the Christ in 2 weeks!! Shows
how much time I have out here to read and study!! It's been awesome.

So for the news... I'm going back to Majuro to train my last transfer!
I should be there in the next 2-3 weeks depending on the plane and the
boat... if there is not a plane I will get on the boat that President is
coming on on the 25th. He is coming to meet with the branch and train
some people and visit. I'm so excited. I don't want the plane to come,
I want to wait and be here when he is here!!! We had another baptism
this last week!! Tom!! He is the son of two formlery less active
members. They are all coming to church and I'm super excited with the
work we have done here!! It's fun to see the success.

We're getting all of our investigators ready to receive the new elders
and plan for the transition to be good. I feel like some of them are
gonna stop studying and it just makes me so sad, I want them to be
strong and they have come so far, I have to just keep hoping that they
will continue with what they are learning. I completely forgot that General
Conference was recently!!! haha I haven't emailed or talked to Majuro
for a couple weeks because the internet is down and  the phone is no
good because it has rained so much... if only you knew how hard it is
to talk to you guys!! and especially how small this island is... haha
its soo tiny but every day I swear that is gets bigger and bigger..

Conner is my problem when I get home. I hate to say it but I wasn't a
good example really to him but we have a strong relationship and I
think I will be able to talk some sense into him. I really wanna take
him on a road trip or something to get him out of everything and just
have it be me and him... I think I can really help him and I think my
coming home will be a spiritual experience for him and he will be able
to catch some of the fire I come with. I think he will be fine. please
have more faith and love in him. I know you absolutely love him, but
channel that love and show it more. You can be firm, but do it lovingly.
I'm coming to the rescue soon!!! [Dallin and Conner were very close
growing up and it's been hard for Conner since Dallin left. They were
more like twins than just brothers. I am excited for the day when they
are reunited! MOM]

So yeah I am doing fine!! No worries!! Stressed about having to leave
Lae, especially with the progress I have made and the relationships I
have. They are all just family to me and we all help each other out
and care for each other.. so that's been kinda sad to hear but its
going to be okay. I'm glad to have the opportunity and challenge of
training my last transfer in the mission. I think it is just what I
need. I'm so excited to go home and everyday is closer and closer. I'm
super nervous and I don't know what to expect... especially being on
this island I hope I haven't gotten weird or anything. I will be a
little funny when I get home, especially with the language problems
and my extreme love and drive for missionary work. It'll be good though,
as long as you give me a hug and a thick coat when I get home!! I'm
happy. Sometimes annoyed and frustrated but I'm generally happy and I
love to do what I am doing.

Love you babe and talk to you soon from Majuro!!
Elder Ingalls!

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