Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Other, Other Side of Heaven 10-26-2014

Well I'm finally back on Majuro and boy it's it just a shock to have air conditioning, see cars and drink cold water! It's been so weird I can only imagine what it's like when it is an even bigger shock coming home! The mission should have given you my flight plans looks like I'm flying in at 10pm at night which is a bummer!! But whatever it's alright. 
Boy do I miss Lae. Never realized how much I learned out there and how many stories and experiences I had there! I'm a little weird but I'll be normal soon. My language is fine but I used so much Marshallese words and usually just speak to the elders in Marshallese. My son is great. His name is Elder Lesser. He's the man. He lived in Singapore for 5 years before his mission. I'm gonna work him like crazy. I'm so stoked about missionary work and just gonna finish absolutely drained!! I reached ultimate nerd status in Lae and never realized how much of the gospel I know and how great I've become at the scriptures. It's because of hard work and the spirit. I have an absolutely incredible amount if motivation to lift, study and teach right now. It's been great and I don't have any time to waste!!
Lae was an amazing experience for me and I feel like I gotta have a separate journal for all the stories. Maybe a "the other other side of heaven" book coming out. I never realized how patient I have become and just loving people. I am so talkative and can't shut up because I really didn't have anyone for 4 months to talk to! Lesser is probably hating me but it's funny. 
The mission is coming to a close and I'm just so happy about everything. Gonna be exhausted when I get home and that's how it needs to be. I love you and I will write more next week because I have to pay for email now and I have no money :( but I love you. Take care and I'll be right back!
Love Elder ingalls

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