Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Never thought that would have been said about me! 11-16-2014

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I actually had a great birthday dinner with the elders a guy that worked in the mission office! It's been a good week and we have been so busy. But I have loved it all and I really enjoy being busy like this. No signs of slowing down. As I told dad we have two investigators that are going to be getting interviewed this week and hopefully baptized in the next week or two! Way excited and we have only taught them for like 3 weeks now! This is easily the hardest working I have working my whole mission. I just understand my potential and know I can work at a higher capacity than what I have been doing before. It's been great but definitely exhausted!!
Training as kept me working hard and more obedient. It's cool that president told me last week I was a model for hard working and obedience in the mission right now! Never thought that would have been said about me! I work hard and try but I always feel like there was better. Some elder this week told me how I was their role model in the mission. That's so crazy that I remember the missionaries that I wanted to be like and how awesome they were, but now I'm being looked up to and I used to look up to those people. Way cool. Just makes me wanna go hard and finish strong. I'm so happy right now and so motivated to improve on everything. I'm trying my hardest to learn 15 new words a day, to read hard everyday and to lift hard everyday. I'm accomplishing a lot. My son, Elder Lesser is the man. He is th exact same type of elder as my trainer Elder Watkins. It's weird how alike they are. Starting and ending the same. He acts like he knows how to do missionary work and sometimes tells me what to do but I try my best to accept what he says and value his input. He's a goal guy and sometimes I feel like he's really frustrated with me speaking Marshallese half the time and just expecting him to speak it. In lessons he will teach then look at me but I just tell him to keep teaching which I know he hates but it pushes him. I know that he's gonna be a good elder, or at least I will have give him all the right tools and help to be a good elder. 
I'm so scared to come home. Doesn't really feel like coming home but more like starting everything over again. I'm so comfortable with missionary work and the islands. I feel like I'm gonna be weird when I get home. More than Tanner and Logan because they went to white people places and it wasn't 180 degrees different and they probably never had to sleep on the ground on their missions or literally fish to have food. Haha their missions are still amazing tho! It'll be fun to talk to then about it in the position that I am in right now! I emailed grandma and said we all need to bear our testimonies at Christmas in our mission languages! Dad, Tanner, Logan and me. And Conner in English :) I'll get him going don't worry. I think that will be a really cool idea! I think I am going to go crazy not being able to speak it as much as I want. But there are tons of people here that I can skype all the time and keep things going with and texting Elders in Marshallese and what not. I want to get even better at Marshallese after the mission. I'll be able to do it no worries. 
Sorry I don't have heaps of time to email this week but between yours a Dad's emails it's a good is amount so please read his as well! I love you so much I will write more next week! If there is any souvenirs you want me to get let me know! Love you so much mommy! Tell everyone yokwe for me
Love Elder Ingalls "La Tiemlo"

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