Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I thought I was gonna die - 9-26-2014 (Lae)

Good email thanks for all the updates and I'm so glad that you were
able to meet Fesolai!! Still one of my best buds I made on the
mission. I always talked about you guys and he loved hearing about the
Richard and Heather stories so him meeting you was awesome. I always
told him he had to meet my family!! Hopefully it was all good and you
got to take  picture or something with him!

Skydiving?? haha I haven't been in anything higher than a 2 story
building for the last two years I think I might come home and be
scared of heights!! That's so cool hopefully you all got some cool
pictures and stories for me to hear about!! I'm sure getting a lot of
them here that's for sure!!! Did you guys go to the temple while you
guys were there?? Everyone here when I told them you were in Hawaii
they all wanted me to have you guys meet their families! haha There's a
Marshallese ward there!! Did you have Fes speak Marshallese to you
guys? haha he probably forgot it!!

So yeah our cute little investigator Carter got baptized on
Thursday!! Way exciting and he is the man!! He is only 9 years old but
we completed the family and he was sooo happy to be baptized!! He
was walking with us and his friend was drinking coffee and he told his
friend "you drink coffee obviously you don't believe in God" hahahaha
it was the cutest, funniest thing I have ever heard in my life!!! So

This morning we just got back from our "campout" on one of the outer
islands. It was a good time. Funny, this is the same as camping to me,
but their camping is extreme!!!! hahaha I don't have time to explain
it all but its like wilderness survival... crazy stuff and what's
crazier is we went on fishing in the 2nd counselors boat which is
maybe 12 feet long with a 40hp engine in the ocean fishing sharks and
tuna... we got caught up in a storm with 10-15 foot waves and that was
probably the scariest thing ever... we were holding on for dear life
and we couldn't see land and we had no idea where we were going...
Tentau and I both had impressions to go in a certain direction and we
eventually found one of the outer islands and we made it back into the
lagoon... I thought I was gonna die... Brother langbata even said he
was super surprise the waves didn't flip us... insane... this typing
it story doesn't explain it as intense as it was!!!

Also this week I've been asking members about their conversion stories
and I wanna write them all down. Still many more to be made! We're
teaching a good amount right now. Completing a lot of families and
teaching the kids of less active members. It's been a good time. I'm
happy with the work I am doing. I'm not eating that well but I'm getting
enough to eat. Working out hard to keep in shape and feel good and
not get sick. The Word of Wisdom isn't just what we should take in our
bodies its also basically God's plans for us to get in shape and lets just
say I have a good amount of the island working out now because of it!!

This week has been fun and I'm glad that you guys had a good trip!!!
Probably didn't sleep on the ground on rocks with a piece of
cardboard, but I'm sure it was a good experience for you guys!! I love
you Mommy and hope to see you soon for Christmas!! Me coming home will
be a good gift! haha we need to take a family picture too!! haha while
I'm tan... okay I love you sugar hope you are well have a good week!!

Elder Ingalls

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