Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lama Fesolai 9-18-2014 (Lae)

Hey if you are still in Hawaii you should go an meet Lama Fesolai at
BYU Hawaii!!! One of my best friends on the mission!!! look him up on
facebook or something! You have to meet him!!! the coolest kid ever!!!!
I gave him your email. Make it happen!!!

[We actually did meet him! It was purely by accident! We went to the Polynesian Cultural Center for the dinner and show and afterwards, Logan wanted to get his picture taken with one of the ladies (or a bunch of the ladies!) We went around looking for some, but there weren't too many around since it was raining. Finally he found one who was talking to two guys. Logan asked her for a picture with her and this guy asked us where we were from. We told him, "Minnesota" then he asked us what our last name was, "Ingalls" we said. Then he said, "Dallin!" we were shocked!!! It turned out that he had just returned home from his mission in the Marshall Islands and that he loved having Dallin as a companion! I asked him if Dallin was behaving and he smugly replied that, of course he was, but the smirk on his face let me know that Dallin is still Dallin wherever he goes! Then he made sure to tell me that he was, indeed, being obedient and that he's a really great missionary too! Whew! Then he looked at my husband and said, "Richard!!!! I have heard stories about you!" It was the coolest experience and so heart warming. We were on the other side of the world and far from Dallin too and yet, in the middle of it all we meet the one guy that knows my son personally and can give us a report of his happiness and well-being. I have hardly heard from him myself in the last few months so the reassurance from this young man was definitely a gift from Heaven. Heavenly Father knows us and loves us and is aware of us daily, this I know. He gives us the strength to continue on if we seek Him. He comforts us and calms us and gives us peace when we need it, sometimes even when we do not think to ask. I am grateful for this small miracle to remind me of His love and to the young man that thought to ask us where we were from. MOM]

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