Thursday, July 10, 2014

All I am is a messenger 6-23-2014

Hi!!! Okay I'm back on Ebeye. I flew out Monday and they did my teeth Wednesday and then they flew me back Thursday morning! That was a fun little vacation!! Got to see old families, elders that I probably won't see again on the mission, and got to get my teeth fixed! Haha all good things! It's hard to pick the work back up after being gone, but it's going well! 
I found out that President wants me to serve on the outer island paradise of Lae!! I will probably be going in the next month and there is a good chance of me ending my mission there! So I will come home ultra weird! Haha it's like 90 miles from Kwajalein and it's about a 9 hour boat ride! Idk what size boat in gonna take, but it's not gonna be too big I believe! Haha in a way I'm sad to leave Ebeye though I have a lot of friends here!! But a lot of them are from Lae and I hope to be able to meet their friends and family there! I'm way excited for this adventure. It should happen in the next month or so! More details when I figure them out!
So yeah this last week was a fun time spent on Majuro!! Then coming back was fun! I never realized how much I liked Ebeye until I left it .It's just so different and I feel like the people here are so respectful and like missionaries so much. Everywhere I go I just seem to love really. I will love getting transferred home too! That might be the best area! Some weeks it's hard but most weeks they are good and I love being out here. I guess it's the same for anything. I wish I could do this my whole life! Well, maybe be able to talk to you guys a bit more and sleep in every once and while! Haha but this is just such fun work. I wish I could do it forever! I never thought I would wanna serve a senior couples mission, but I think that would be pretty fun! Have you and Dad ever thought about doing that? You guy would be the most popular ones in the mission that's for sure! 
Oh yeah since I'm going to Lae some stuff that would be sweet if you guys could send me in a package to Ebeye ASAP would be: those drink packets!! Like alotttt. Way nice!!, maybe some of those instant potato bag things, add water gravy packets, any kind of just add water foods, the infinite atonement book, etc did you ever send those new scriptures to me or those new pants? Because I never got them on Ebeye and when I went to Majuro there was no package.. Just checking hopefully you just didn't send it! Hope it's not lost in the mail...[I did send him a new set of scriptures and case and two new pairs of pants and so far, that package hasn't arrived. So disappointing that the boxes of food and candy always make it, but a package like this is the one that never arrives. MOM]
Also sorry for not being able to email last week I was just able to write Dad before I had to leave in the plane! I hope you aren't too upset! I remembered it was Father's Day so I thought I would write him just a quick note! 
I heard a cool story this week. This not so popular kid had a crush on his girl classmate in high school and he always wanted to go up to her and ask her on a date but he knew he wasn't that cool and scared as to what she would say so he never got the confidence to do it. One day a football player came up to him and asked him if he would go give this girl a note asking her out for the football player. He instantly gained the confidence to go talk to her and he did, walked up to her, talked for a minute, then handed her the note for the football player! The moral of the story is, yes, he was afraid to ask her out, but when he had someone else's message and realized if she said no, she wouldn't be rejecting him, but someone else. That's what is it with me. I sure would be scared trying to walk up to people and try and be friends with them. I'm way too scared of rejection just like everyone is. But the thing is, this is the message of Jesus Christ. Not ours. People aren't rejecting me, but our Savior. All I am is a messenger. I thought that was so cool! So everyone needs to share about Jesus Christ and how he is our Savior and how he atoned for our sins. So yeah hope that makes sense!
This week in my studies I focused really on spiritual identity. I'm gonna do my district meeting training on that and, boy, have I learned a lot. Sometimes I feel like the trainings aren't that good, but I sure learn a lot in the process!! It's so cool reading about who we are and all the things that we can become. I learned a lot this week. Also I'm doing a district wide challenge to everyone to speak Marshallese for one week straight! I usually just do days or something. It's gonna be especially hard because we have 3 elders here that are all just about 7 weeks out and they barely can bear their testimonies so this will be an especially frustrating week for them, as well as me because they won't be able to understand everything I try to say to them. But they will figure out in the first 30 minutes if that week what they need to learn and what they don't know. I remember hearing Logan doing something like that in Sweden and I thought that was so cool! So yeah every Ebeye missionary us going to do it!! Right now our air conditioning is broken so it's about 95 degrees in our house with no fans for breeze so we are staying with the companionship that worked the north part of the island. It's fun but their house is smaller than your bedroom at home! I will take pictures! It gets small but these guys are legit. And just before I left I don't know if I told you but Elder Hix got transferred to the north and I'm still in the south. We are both finishing up the training if these new Elders that just got here. They are like 7 weeks out. I work with a guy named Elder Barlow. He's from California. He's pretty cool. He came here on his way to go to Ujae, which is an outer island, but when he got here, President called and made a change and said that he was just gonna stay here and work with me. He was super bummed out about it and that's been pretty hard to deal with. I can relate for not going to Ailinglaplap, but still. He's super young and just doesn't know a lot yet so it can be frustrating. Hopefully things get better, but no matter what I will work hard with him and teach him as much as I can. I really miss Hix. That guy was one of my favorite companions!! He's the man though and he's training at 6 months which is incredible! That's super young and unheard of! I wish I could say I helped that out but he is way good at the language and really knows his stuff! We sure loved to study and help each other out. It's difficult sometimes because pride comes into it and I don't wanna ask for help and he doesn't wanna ask for help cuz me being pretty old it gets embarrassing if I don't know a word that he does or something like that. But once we got over that and just put it all on the table we really took off. I wish I could have done that with my other companions. Pride really kills me. And not just my fake saying I'm the best but the fact that I'm embarrassed to ask for help. That's the kind of pride I struggle with. But it's all good!
So yeah life's good! Prayer for Elder Barlow and I that things go alright and he can be happy to work with me here in Ebeye. He will learn quickly that this place is awesome. I hope you are doing well too momma! I just can't wait to hang out with you while I'm home! Especially going to the gym! I have taken upon myself to be your personal trainer and your diet counselor. We're going to get ripped whether you like it our not! So if you wanna get a head start I would start now so you don't die on the first day of Abs by Dallin!! Haha okay I better let ya go I'm pretty past my time limit but know that I love you and think you're cute :) take care and have a good week! 
Love Elder Ingalls
Ps train your mind to see the good in everything

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