Thursday, July 10, 2014

Read Dad's email!! Love you! 6-30-2014

Hey Mom!
Just was able to see that you emailed me! I will be able to write you a nice email next week! I wrote most of everything to Dad because I didn't think you were going to email! This week and next could be some of the last times I email you guys in my mission! I bet I will be in Lae for 4-5 months. I think that it's going to be some if the best times of my mission! 
I'm way excited to hear you guys and working out and getting into shape! Just like what I said to Dad I am gonna get you guys into shape when I get home! I am way jealous you guys get to go to Hawaii! That will be way fun! What all are you going to do there?? I wanna go with you guys! I love it here but I wouldn't mind a resort in Hawaii with my family! 
So Macey getting her license?.. Haha that's crazy to think about. [Well, he better start thinking about it because it happened and she is driving herself everywhere in the green 300C, which Dallin nicknamed Thundershock (from the Transformers movie) when we first bought the car and he started thinking that it was his! He is going to be in for a big shock when he gets home and finds out that all the kids need to share the car!]  But that's sweet to think that she can drive me around when I get home! I'm gonna need that for when I need to get my license renewed! Haha it's fun to show people my license when I had longer hair and look like a little bit of a thug! Sometimes I wish I could show them all the cool pictures on my facebook! Idk if you are adding anyone or not! Whatever doesn't matter I can do it when I get home! I told some to say "Hi" when they see you in my facebook! [I rarely go on it since I have been trying really hard to keep up with his blog entries - sorry Dallin!]Probably Marshallese tho.. Haha
Okay I gotta bounce! Read Dad's email!! Love you!
Elder Ingalls 

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