Thursday, July 10, 2014

You are my mommy! 7-6-2014

I checked my email copied all the emails over to a word document and replied to all of them!! Yours wasn’t in there so I didn’t think you were going to email me today so I wrote everything out to Dad! But I still got a bit of time to write you a final email before I leave for the next couple of months!! I have heard of people having email out there but I wouldn’t count on hearing from me for the whole time that I am out there.
I really wrote everything I wanted to tell you in Dads email so I really hope you enjoy that and don’t mind that this is short. I'm really crunched for time today! I have to buy food and some supplies today so I'm pretty busy! And of course get Subway for the last time! I am really going to miss Ebeye and everything its taught me. I really enjoyed being the district leader out here and giving trainings that forced me to learn a ton, especially from preach my gospel. I get so much study time on my mission. I completely understand why they have classes at BYU for the return missionaries… haha I would just dominate the discussion because I know so much more that a pre mish cat. [What other missionary talks this way? He is still just the same old weird Dallin as when he left!] Its way nice how much I learn. The faith I build from it just helps me live and be the best missionary I can be. I'm so far from perfect, but I'm definitely on the right path to perfect.
I'm grateful you're my Mom, because you’re my Mom! I don’t think many other ladies could handle me! Maybe Grandma… haha who knows!! But thank you for raising me up properly with goals in mind and a love for Heavenly Father!! You definitely succeeded in that!!
Please read Dads email for my story about the Book of Mormon. You are awesome mom and I feel absolutely horrible that I can't write you more.. you are my mommy! I love you and I will see you in a few months!! Take care and I will be right back!
Elder Ingalls
ps enjoy Utah!! Say hi to everyone for me!! love you baby!

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