Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One week to go

My son, Dallin will be leaving for the Marshall Islands Majuro Mission in exactly one week! I am so excited for him and for the adventure he is approaching. Soon he will be Elder Ingalls (3) as in the third son to serve a mission.

Technically, he's isn't the third Elder Ingalls, but the fifth!
1. Elder Richard Ingalls served a mission in Lisbon Portugal
2. Elder Parker Ingalls is serving a mission in heaven
3. Elder Tanner Ingalls served a mission in Prague Czech Republic
4. Elder Logan Ingalls is serving a mission in Stockholm Sweden
5. Elder Dallin Ingalls will serve in the Marshall Islands!

We are so happy for the blessings that we know will come from serving the Lord and sharing the gospel with the people of these countries. I know that Heavenly Father loves me and is watching over me every day. He knows me and knows my needs. I am grateful that He is there to hear and answer my prayers and I know that I can receive answers through the scriptures. I love the Book of Mormon - I testify that it is true. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I am going to try to keep up with posting Elder Ingalls letters home and keep everyone updated on life in the Marshall Islands.

See you again in a week!

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