Thursday, January 31, 2013

MTC Week 2

Mommy!! ij iakwe eok (i love you),

I am an Elder, but I am your little boy before anything else. Don't forget that. So call me Dallin as much as your heart desires :) Macey sounds like she had a rough week. I hope her ipod still works.. kinda sad I don’t remember what an ipod even is... LOLz just kidding. If it helps, she can have my laptop, playbook, and my ipod. I hope she is happy. It’s funny you bring up the scriptures and how they helped her. I know for a fact if you need help with something, turning to the scriptures in the best thing that you can do. You guys are witnesses of that. Give her a bunch of hugs and kisses for me! We  got pretty close before I left and I wish we could have been closer! I can’t wait to come home when she will be dating boiiis :) I will be able to yell at them in kajin majol... except it’s such a beautiful language that Tanner might have to yell in Czech for me... haha

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SENDING THAT HAT. I wrote you a letter today about it because Elder Lutu has always dreamed about having a hat like that, and he honestly thanks me every time he sees me... which is like every moment of the day. He loves you. He wants to give you the biggest hug in the world. I seriously wanted to cry I was just so overwhelmed and I’m not a crier either.. so thats a big deal. Every time he talks = I’m laughing... ALOT. That package was wonderful. Thank you so much for caring about me and my friend. These guys are amazing and I honestly have the best district in the world I couldn’t ask for any better people. I have got a ton of letters on dear elder. It’s amazing. I wish I could respond to them faster!! My friends are taking care of me. Geoff Francis writes me religiously and its seriously the best thing in the world! and so does Dad - those small things mean the world to me.

I have actually been eating pretty healthy here.. except for pizza days... papa johns sure knows how to make a pizza :) in 4 weeks I will be heading out to paradise!!! Our expected date to leave is the 25th. We don’t have our travel information, but that is the date that they say we are leaving so I would expect that date... and I will have a TON of layovers so we will be able to talk for quite a while!!

I’m sure you can talk to Conner about downloading and printing some pics off of fb. He knows how to do it and the more pictures the better. They want us to take them to the islands so we can show people about America and our lives as regular people! (and I would like them too!!) The pics you sent me are great I just wish I had more! I write in my journal every night and I’m really changing into the missionary schedule. Going to bed early was hard at first but every day I am exhausted.... waking up isn’t too bad either. When you have 3 other guys in your room you learn to do it pretty fast!! I woke up at 5 today to do my laundry! I wish I would have had a better knowledge of the scriptures and taken seminary more seriously and memorized scripture masteries and read and studied preach my gospel. Oh well, I will learn!!

I will be looking for David in the next few days!! Enjoy the pics! The one of me doing a backflip, have Conner post that to my Facebook!! I love you. ij iakwe eok

Until next week, Elder Ingalls (3.0)
PS I love you
Tanner picked him up form the airport and his buddies were there to see him off!

With his companion and two roommates

Writing a letter to me! MOM

Ready to get out of there and start serving!

His official name tag! So cool!

Trip to the temple on P Day

With his companion for the traditional MAP picture that all the missionaries take!

Elder Futu gets a new hat!

Defying gravity?

There are no words.....

My superhero (and his companion!)

Quite the size difference between them, huh?

"Look Mom, I've got a little Moroni in my hand!"


Of course the Minnesota boy makes a snowman in his hand!

Hawaiian leis and snow - what a combo!

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