Tuesday, February 5, 2013

No letter yet, just tons of pictures!

The whole group at the temple

Just like the beatles

New hat

What a surprise! Krispy Kremes from his brother in Sweden!

Going to that little speck out in the middle of the ocean!

Getting a little R&R in while they can!

"My district is the bomb!" - Dallin

Our boy band pic!

More pics at the temple

Marshallese clothing!

"Elder Memea - honestly my favorite elder in the world!" - Dallin

MTC food

"Keeping the garden out of  my stomach!" - Dallin

Fooling the other missionaries with the wrong name tag! (Logan's)

Making the cafeteria staff work for their pay!

He's loving dearelder! Thanks to everyone who writes to him! He says he feels so blessed!

"Laddy Mea - my best teacher ever! This guy is amazing!" - Dallin

Trying to catch up on letter writing!

Just took his snowman family to the temple!

I think this is Elder Memea again!

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