Monday, February 11, 2013

MTC Week 3

My Mommy :)
When I saw that first email I figured that you accidently sent it! :) you never were too good at figuring out computer stuff ;) hehehe just kidding, I love you. Not everyone can be a genius like me ;) IM SO PUMPED FOR CONNER YOU DONT EVEN KNOW!! [He got accepted to BYUI!!] Man, that is just awesome news. I remember how pumped I was when I got accepted into BYU!!

You guys would leave the Christmas tree up this long... wow.. [It is still up and Mom is NOT happy about it!!] might as well leave it up til next year :) haha if I was home, you already know I would have been the enforcer and made you guys take it down by now :) (dont you miss me????), but Dad is busy with work so I totally understand so don’t give him too hard of a time! Get Conner and put him to work!!
That is seriously wonderful you reaching out like that to others. You will personally find blessings in doing that. It sounds selfish, but missionary work is a work to bring others to Christ, but it has brought me to Christ in ways I can’t even explain. These last three weeks preparing for the people of the Marshall Islands I feel has been all about me, even though I am going to teach them. I grow along with them. Sounds like a good lesson. BYU made me just start loving church and getting involved in discussions etc... I wish I had that drive sooner!!

Interrogation ;)
What is your favorite thing to eat there? PAPA JOHNS PIZZA ON FRIDAYS BABY!!!!!!! I usually eat 8-10 pieces :) I haven’t gained a pound here!! I’m still your little 150 lbs. boy!! I also love all the different sorts of juices they have here. I love orange guava something... haha it’s good. I’m glad I didn’t wear myself out at the Cannon Center fall semester... I would be dying right now.

Who's your favorite teacher? BROTHER MORA!!! They are all super amazing teachers and I love them all and learn so much from them, but he is just an awkward, funny kind of guy. He is Mexican and speaks English, Spanish and Marshallese and when he talks he always says "I forget what language I am speaking in.." so sometimes he just starts speaking Spanish haha its awesome. They are all amazing teachers and with only 6 people learning Marshallese, we get a ton of 1 on 1 time with them.
Have you seen any general authorities yet? Not yet, but rumor has it Thomas S. Monson is coming tonight!! fingers crossed!! JUST KIDDING!!!  I started that rumor :) I hope it’s true, though! They come on Tuesdays for devotionals. I missed Elder Holland just the day before I got here, and it has been two 70's since!

How's the choir going? lolz.... i just do it to get a good spot at devotionals :) I suck at singing unless its Jonas Brothers... because, in that case, I’m the 4th Jonas!
Can you believe you are leaving in 3 weeks? Do you know if your visa came through yet? Will there be any delays? Yeah, its crazy to think. Sometimes I just feel like I’m gonna be at the MTC for the next 2 years!! But yeah I’m ready and excited to leave. I want to learn so much more of the language before I leave though. They don’t tell us visa information, but there are no delays. We will be leaving on the 25th visa or no visa because we don’t need one to get into the country.

How did you email me on a Monday if your pday is Tuesday? My p-day is on Tuesday, but sometimes in our schedule we have times to email because there are SO many elders and sisters here. So expect emails Tuesday, and then sometimes they give us time on Mondays.
Are you being obedient? If they told me not to breathe, I wouldn’t breathe because I know they are called of God here. I know that’s a little much, but to the best of my ability I am obedient. I know my purpose and I know what I am doing. I’m here to bring others unto Christ and forget about myself. it’s hard, but I do it and will keep doing it!

Do you miss me yet? I missed you right when I got in the car to leave the house :/ but I am fine and in God's hands. He is my guardian for the next two years. I know you are in good hands too. We are protected and we will be fine. I think about you 2-3 times a day. Minimum ;) jk I think about you all the time, but I am not distracted from my work. I’m not homesick. I know this is where I need to be!
I love you mom!! Hope I answered all your questions!! Keep up being the best my in the world :) you’re doing pretty good at it!! This week has been awesome. I expect to have another great week. Tell me all the good news, keep the questions coming, I love all the dear elders I’m getting!! I pray for you every night mom. The language is going well. I’m doing well. I lift and work out every day. I read my scriptures. I do what I need to be doing, and then some!

Note to all my friends: You guys are awesome and I miss you all. I’ll be back to earth someday looking a little bit more bronze, knowing a little Marshallese, and knowing a ton about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I miss you guys so much and would love some love letters. Valentine’s Day is coming up and I know you all love me soooo... ;) get writing. But seriously. haha hope everyone is doing well.

love you mommy - ij iakwe eok :)
Elder Ingalls (3.0)

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