Monday, February 25, 2013

MTC Week 5 - one more week!

Hi baby :)
I would have killed to have a home cooked meal on valentines day :/ so be glad you did! I'm pretty sure I had chicken fingers and fries.. which were decent... considering I have had them almost everyday for the last 5 weeks!! haha I still have down 2 lbs... but I eat sooooo horribly and I work out like no ones business.. someday it will catch up to me.. but probably not! haha I met this sister whos brother served in the islands and he lost almost 20 pounds over the course of the 2 years, but came home ripped so I plan on doing the same thing. Ladies beware.... I'm gonna come home a bronze god that is hopefully jacked. :)
I'm praying for you and your knee right now :/ I twisted mine a little bit in volleyball and I thought that was some horrible pain... I can't really imagine the pain you must be feeling. You're in every single one of my prayers. I hope you know that. and missionary prayers are a big deal :) Elder Lutu says he is going to pray for you too so you should be better in no time :)
Brother Heule was such a great bishop and influence for me. He really played a huge role in developing who I am. I LOVE talking to him about anything. religion, politics.. etc. he's a great man. thank him for his service for me!! Give him a big hug and tell him I'm doing great!! and I'm going with Pattberg being bishop. We probably aren't supposed to guess.. but I could see it!
HAHAHAHAHAHA you are such a nerd ;) learning how to crochet? how old are you 70?? haha jk.. (cuz you arent a day for 24) but that's really nice of you to do something like that for all the sisters. they will love it and you will fall in love with the people you serve. It's a fact. If you want to get to know someone better, or like them more, serve them.
Your date night sounds fun!! Give me a couple years and I can tag along with my wife ;) Just kidding, I don't like girls yet. Mission first... but there are some pretty attractive new sister missionaries that are here... and dang. they know the gospel and have big testimonies!!!!! (geoff + bunji inside joke) they are awesome and carry a different spirit with them that will help so many people.
Mrs McCormick!!!! I will never call her Melinda.... she will always be my favorite second grade teacher!! She babied me so much because I was the middle child and she knew my struggles :) I don't think I could ever forget her. She's invited to my wedding. Just so she knows :)
On to interrogation:
Did you get the package I sent you with the G's and a pair of white socks? yes I did- quite a while ago thank you for them!!

Did you get the package of mission books? Do you like them? Are they good quality? yes I a got that package and I use those books on the daily!! They are a wealth of knowledge for me. It's crazy to think how much I have learned in the last 5 weeks. I feel like an expert!! haha just kidding I have sooooo much to learn!!
Did you get a package from Sister W yet and, if you did, did you send her a thank you card? I haven't received a package from her yet! aAsk her what address she sent it to, and please give me her address so I can write her either way!!
So FLIGHT PLANS!!! I actually do leave the 26th at 8:00am!! I arrive in Hawaii at 3:40pm there time!! Then I stay the night and leave for Marshall at 6:00am and will be to Marshall around 9:15am marshall time... so if you get some random calls in the middle of the night and such ANSWER THEM!!!!!!!!! I might just be able to call you from the airport, and actually from the hotel!! I don't know all the details yet though about that! I will be able to email home another time this week to tell you when my flights are exactly, the numbers, and anything else I need to quick let you know before I leave.
I hope you like the pictures I send home!! I just want to send you everything!!!! I hope you post a lot to my FB and let my friends know what's going on! I bet they would get a kick out of some of them!! I'm still waiting for you to send me pictures off my FB!! Maybe in my first package to the islands you could sneak some in!! pictures are amazing and great for teaching and sharing with people about eternal families!! Man I love the MTC!! Its just so nice here!! I have made some amazing friends!! Elder Shepherd, its probably my favorite person ever!! He said he is going to write you :) and Covington says he's going to write you too!! so just be ready for it!!
to my friends!!!: what's up ladies/gentlemen/nerds :) :) religion and church changes a person. I always considered myself religious before I left for my mission, but saying you believe in Christ is one thing and follow Christ is another thing. You need to live what you say and you need to say what you live. Boy, do I know so much about the gospel of Jesus Christ, I live it. I know that through his atonement we can be saved. We are ALL made clean through his atonement. I encourage you guys not to just only go to church, but feast on the gospel of Christ. You don't need to be a Mormon to believe what I say, most of you aren't, but having a personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ is something everyone should have regardless of their faith. I love you guys and I show you all off to my friends here!! They think you all are some of the best people in the world. and its because you are :) hope all of you send me a letter or a picture or something!! I promise I will write back!! I love you guys. know that I pray for you literally everyday and I'm not going to stop and just remember, I'm gonna be right back :)
Wow to all my friends getting their mission calls!! soooo coool!! I'm waiting for someone to hit the Marshalls with me!! I wanna know when Bunji and Geoff get their calls so keep me in the loop!! Thank you mommy for keeping my friends informed and up to date! I hope you have fun doing it!!
With love :) Elder Ingalls (3.0)

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