Tuesday, February 12, 2013

No letter yet...again! Just lots of pics!

Lutu... my favorite Fijian elder ever. I learn so much from him.

The craziest group of elders I have ever met! Right next to me is Elder Shepherd.
Honestly, the best kid ever. Wish I knew him before the mish  -- Dallin

- Elder Lelenoa. We have the best relationship ever. Everyone thinks
we're actually gonna fight...he may be Tongan, but I got him. haha

Tongans = my favorite! We all sat on the couches and everyone came to take pics with us...

we would take some pix then yell "CHANGE POSITION!!!
 and we would all jump up and scatter and take more pics.

Another pic of all these crazy elders. They are sooooooooo funnny!!!!!!!
It was awesome. I love it here!
With Elder Heiner

Traditional "map" picture - point to where you're going!

Always good times at the MTC
Same guys/more fun!

Sooooo glad I'm not having to baptize people in a frozen waste land.... wow I'm pumped - Dallin

"Black Friday" -  everyone wore black suits and black ties!!!

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