Friday, August 7, 2015

11-30-2014 Remember what they said in conference: stay in the boat!!!

Sorry about not emailing you last week, we didn't have time because we took a boat to an outer island on the Majuro lagoon and went to a shipwreck! haha well it was a huge $400k yacht that ruined and got pushed to shore and we helped them and we got a ton of free stuff! I will have to explain it later in person in like 2 weeks!! dang!!! okay I really don't have much time to email today because we are going to a bbq.
So I just wanna end with a little pump up talk. sometimes we have ups and downs in life. I guess you could say all that life is ups and downs, but that was makes it so sweet. the hard times make the good times that much better. I know that Heavenly Father puts you through was seems like more than many but its just because he knows you need it and he knows that the lower downs will eventually and definitely bring you to the highest highs. Doesn't even matter what you are going through. Just like Nephi, but he had to take his family across the world with half his family hating him. I don't think anything we have in our lives has come to that. I want you to be stronger than you are right now. You are one of the strongest ladies I know and one of the greatest that I know too. I know first had because I have tested you out really hard and I think I will continue to test you when I get home! haha hopefully not too much!! I hope you don't think I have become perfect or some amazing person in these last two years. I definitely have improved but I hope the expectations are too high. I love you a ton and hope to be everything you have thought I was though! I want you to know that while I didn't email you last week I felt very pressed to pray especially for you this week. I didn't know you were having a hard week or anything but I know my mom and Heavenly Father knows us even better.
I want you to be stronger than you were yesterday and plan to be stronger tomorrow than today. I come home very soon and want you to know that I am working the hardest of my mission. I don't have time to waste and I feel so good about what I am doing. I'm giving everything up on the alter of sacrifice and I know that Heavenly Father will bless me as well our family for it. I love you mom and know that you are a strong woman and can do anything. Don't let temporal struggle effect your eternal desires. Love you too pieces. I apologize for a short email, but its packed with good stuff :) Remember what they said in conference: stay in the boat!!!
Love, Elder Ingalls!

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