Friday, August 7, 2015

12-7-2014 Love you bunches and be right back!!

So these are my last couple of days! This is basically my last email to you guys! Next week I'm just gonna write out my testimony and give you the thoughts of a dying elder, then come home and give you the biggest huge ever! It's gonna be weird for you to not have a little boy out on a mission! It's been that way for years now! You'll get a little break before we get Conner out serving one! So anyways this week has been pretty lousy.. I have been way sick with stomach pains and throwing up cuz of bad food. Not really bad, but just I'm not used to American style food and it just destroys me whenever I eat it. Haha so in in trouble to go home! But I feel better a bit now. Regardless I have been working really hard and just been having a really good time! It's hard to not give up or let indifference come into everything. I just love these people and the members and my investigators. They are just so cool and I'm working hard just because I love to talk to them and hear about their lives and then teach them how to make their lives better. It's been pretty awesome. 
This last Saturday our 2 girls, Netrine and Jola, were supposed to get baptism but they fell through last minute. The font was filled and everything! It's a lot of pressure and they need more time. It's heart breaking because I don't have anymore time!! They will either get baptism next week or in the next couple if weeks. It's so sad that I don't have that time to help them more... But it's been alright and I'm Not getting too down on myself about it. I know that it's in heavenly fathers hands and that he loves these two girls and will provide a way for them to get baptized when it's the right time. If I can't get them baptized, at least they are coming to seminary and church and have received an answer about Joseph smith and know that this church is true. My patriarchal blessing kinda talks about people receiving the gospel during my service and after. Just didn't think it would be like that. But it's been comforting for are to have read that. I wish I could have done more or worked harder. But then again I don't know how I could have. I literally have given Heavenly Father 100% of my this last transfer. I'm showing him that my faith isn't the problem in the equation. All people have their agency and can do what they like. But in going to make sure my faith isn't the problem. 
So yeah being sick hasn't been any fun. Still working out though. I hope I can get a gym membership when I get home so I can continue on and work out and get ripped with you! I know you laughed when I said how were gonna get beach bods. I'm glad you got the laughing out of your system so we can get down to business and get ripped! 
Oh yes thank you for my birthday package!!!!!! I was so happy to get that and I shared it will all the elders and they were way happy about it as well! That was so nice of you guys! I didn't think I would get another package on my mission! I never got the scriptures and the pants... You guys should track it and see where it's at.. Way bummed. So yeah I definitely am gonna get a new pair when I go home. I'm not sure what kind I want so hold off on buying them if you can! I'm so sad I didn't get those.. Hopefully if someone took them they are reading them and gonna get baptized soon!! I haven't found any Marshallese nativities but I have a ton of crafts and souvenirs that people have given me and I've collected over the mission. I think you guys will love them! 
It's super hard to write good emails to you guys cuz I can just tell you guys everything in a week! So hope you don't mind too much. Next week will just be a nice testimony for you guys. It's been fun but I hope I don't ever have to go 2 years without seeing you guys ever again! I like you guys too much! You are my mom :) and I'm your favorite son! I love you so much and hope you know how happy I am and how excited I am to see you! Christmas will be a great time this year and I'm way excited to get the family all together for the first time in a couple of years!! I'll talk to you (in person) next week! If you have any questions just let me know if the next email! Just so excited to see you mommy!!!! Love you bunches and be right back!!
Love Elder Ingalls 

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