Monday, March 18, 2013

Boy, was I jet-lagged!!!

Dear Mom! & Family,                                                    3-5-2013          

Kinda weird thinking that I’m a full day ahead of you.  Boy was I jet-lagged… The last few days were rough, just because I was tired, but life is great in the other (better) side of heaven.  The language is coming along well!  I can speak pretty well but understanding people seems like it’s impossible!  But it will come!  I can understand my trainer pretty well!  This area I’m in (Arrak) is where he started his mission 1 year ago!  So, some of the members remember him not knowing one word of Marshallese!  So there is hope for me!  I bear my testimony and share scriptures in Majol (Marshallese) pretty well!  I taught FHE today which went amazing!  I taught about the people of the Book of Mormon and committed the family to read it all the way through by the end of the year!  So we will see how that goes!
My companion and I are reading the full Book of Mormon (in English) this transfer!  So let’s hope I can do that!  When we have from 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. to study, we read A LOT and he speaks Marshallese to me about 50% of the time!  So I’m working on my listening!  It’s all good.  Stinks I only get to email once a month in this area!  But if I serve in the city, I get to email once a week!  So we will see.  The emails will just be more meaningful!  Try to email a lot!  Doesn’t matter if it’s a few emails, or just one huge one!  Ambebe! (your choice!)  Just don’t forget!!!!

I miss the MTC… and the food…  I never thought I would say that!!!  But I do.  Life is easy when your investigators are fake [in the MTC].  Haha, but these people are amazing.  When we passed by some people playing volleyball, they yelled to us to come play and our appointment fell through so we got to play which was awesome!  I enjoyed it.  All the little kids, (which are everywhere) love my retainer!  They all want to put it in their mouths!  I learned that the hard way!  Haha.  Every here calls me Elder “Eagle” Haha.  It’s the closest they get!  I love that nickname!  Literally, all the people when they hear my name say Eagle!  So Eagle it is!  I have a million things to tell you and a billion pictures that I want to send!  So hopefully I can get these mailed off when I fill my card up.  But I can send ones home when I email, too!  I love it out here!  Time is going to fly!  That’s for sure!  But, by the time you get this, I will have probably been out 2-3 weeks!
I love my watch, but Velcro = not a good call for Marshall Islands.  The Velcro doesn’t work anymore L and the band stinks.  It absorbs my sweat and is just no good… :/  I think I might buy a cheap $10 watch out here or if you want to send me a quality one that isn’t Velcro, that would be emmontata ippa! (Amazing).  Again, Ambebe (your choice).  See, I’m basically a rirmajol (Marshallese person)!!!  But seriously, any help would be accepted!  Everything out here is pretty expensive!
I showed people pictures of my family and they all think Macey is really really lukkum likatu! (Attractive female).  So keep up being adorable, Macey!  Remember, you don’t like boys yet. J  Conner – stay golden, keep being a good boy and stay out of trouble!  I hope you enjoy Utah!  Dad! – you are the man.  Keeep being you.  I love you all!  I’m having a great time out here and before  you know it, I’m gonna be home. L  It’s gonna be hard for me to leave this place.  I love my area…  It’s like a rainforest!  Super beautiful!  I will have to take a video or something and show you!  I hope you are all doing well.  I’m going to try and send a package home in the next week or two with all my letters and things I want to get sent!  I will probably be in Arrak for 10-12 weeks because I’m with a trainer and President Shaw doesn’t want us to need two trainers.  I love you all!
--Elder Ingalls 3.0

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