Monday, March 18, 2013

You don’t need much to be happy!

Mommy!                                                                                             3-11-2013

Hi!!!  I write you letters on p-day, and I never know when I can send them, but I can write you letters and tell you what’s up with me for the last week!  The Marshalls are amazing!  A very humbling experience living with people who don’t know what they will eat tonight, but yet they are so happy…  My perspective on a lot of stuff changed really fast.  You don’t need much to be happy!  Just family, God, and friends.  Everything else is just temporary happiness.  I miss you guys, but I’ll be back some day.
In the meantime, I’m here helping these people realize the importance of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It makes me feel so good seeing these people’s lives literally change in front of my eyes.  I love it.  I barely understand a thing these people say but they understand me just fine.  I know I will get better, but the simplest testimony can be the more powerful one.  And that’s what I have going for me right now.  Haha it works.  I try to be social and talk as much as I can, but it’s really hard, especially when you aren’t talking about the Gospel.  But I will get it soon.  The other day we tried to only speak in Marshallese the whole day.  Let’s just say it was a quiet day!  Haha, just kidding.  I know I learned more in that day alone than any other!  So hopefully we can keep it up!
I’m not all sure how long I will be in Arrak; probably at least March, April, and some of May.  And as long as I’m in the west zone, it’s only letters and emails once a month!  And outer islands they barely ever even send the mail, so I’ll probably just write letters and save/date them and mail them when I can!  Pretty crazy!  I’ll tell you that!  It’s Hot…. Very. Hot.  And I’m nice and black…No sunburns!  Not yet, because I am being obedient to you and using sunscreen!  For now!  Some days it’s perfectly sunny then the heaviest storms ever hit and we get drenched!  But then, 20 minutes later, we are dry!  Cool how that works! 
I can solve my Rubik’s cube on average in about 90 seconds!  The goals for this transfer is 60 seconds average!  We will see!  I’m keeping up with my journal writing.  Page 63 as of today!  I try to do a full page a day, but it’s usually more or less.  There is a lot to say!  I’m collecting shells… Hopefully I can make a nativity scene out of them J Maybe I can draw sheep and wise men and everything on them!  Lolz, I doubt I could really find one out here. [I asked him to send me an authentic Marshallese nativity crèche for Christmas - MOM] I found some amazing shells for everyone though!  So hopefully I can send home a bunch of stuff!  I’ll see what I can do!
Food:  we go into town every 2 weeks and do grocery shopping.  It’s pretty awesome!  Other than that, we eat tons of rice and the members feed us every once in a while!  American seafood is gross…  Marshallese seafood is elukkuun Eno Ippa! (very good!)  I love their bbq chicken!  There are chickens and dogs and rats everywhere!  I held a cat that was probably 3 weeks old for an hour during a lesson.  That was some good therapy right there!  Totally adorable!
For p-day, our whole district is going to Laura Beach!  Nobody is going to be there so it will be 8 of us for a really nice game of beach v-ball.  Lots of exploring!  I’m going to take a ton of pictures and hopefully get them sent home!  Once a month when I get to email, I 'll transfer the pictures over to my flash drive and once my card is filled up, I’ll send it home!  Shouldn’t take me too long to do!  I’m in a stalemate writing all my friends right now because I wrote all of them just before I left for Marshalls.  So I’m waiting for them to send stuff here, which takes a while!  But it’s all good.  I have got 3 letters so far!  2 from two girls at BYU and one from Elder Mendivil’s mom!  But by the time you get this I’ll be rolling in all my letters J  haha.  Some group sends Elder Watkins like 6 huge packages of candy!  So we are feasting!  If you find it in your heart to send a package you should send some Sprees!!!!  They are easily my favorite candy!  I’m glad they have some American food out here!  I would die if they didn’t!  I’ll probably write another letter this week and send both in the same envelope.  We will see!  Love you!

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