Monday, March 4, 2013

An unedited letter - First Week in the Marshall Islands

daddy!!! (mommy too) and family!

i dont have much time, so my grammar and punction will be horrible :/ sorry. it was weird not getting an email from mom today... i get to email once a month on the mondays after fast sunday. and i get a good amount of time to email. life is crazy out here!!!! literally nothing like what i imagined!! the island on maps is tiny but its huge!! its about 45 miles long!! my area is about 7 miles long and we are the only ones in the mission is have bikes. (THIS IS MY EMAIL TO MOM TOO!!) i just didnt have anything to respond to from her! so make sure she sees this!!! we teach a crazy amount of lessons!! about 7 a day!! and thats average really!! i bore my testimony on sunday to the ward... probably the scariest thing i have ever done. literally everyone is the ward (about 150-200 people) came up to me and said my marshallese was perfect... so that felt good. everyone here is so nice and everyone wants to study with the missionaries. tonight i am in charge of teaching the FHE lessons to the bishops family... holy crap i am so nervous and scared. but i have been preparing for it for like 2 days now!! i understand about 85% of what my companions says and about 15-25% of what the natives say... its crazy to me how my companion understands everything... haha btw, he name is elder watkins from california. he is a good guy, very hard worker, a band geek, and pretty amazing at teaching and i learn a ton from him! its hard to open up and not be shy when you dont know what anyone is talking about ever... mky first meal here was fish and rice... and beans... and that was my second and third and etc meals too... lolz they are pretty modern, alot of cars, buildings, etc. i am in arrak which is the opposite of the city. very very green tropical place. michelson is it riita which is the city!! we all get together once a month on p-day for games!! so its cool always being able to see them!! i never thought i would say this but i miss mtc food...

hopefully i will be able to send letters home to you soon!! if you and mom could send my black nike sports socks. the ones i always wear.. that would be AWESOME!! the church dress socks are way to hot and nobody wears them. the Tevas are amazing!! i get alot of compliments! if you guys could send the CD's tanner gave me for chirstmas last year that would be amazing!!

Dallin W - French-speaking Madagascar! WOW!!!!!! amazing!! that is sooooooo cool!!! some of my best friends at the MTC went to madagascar!!! they spoke malygasy though!! pretty cool!! i am so excited for him!! he has got to be soooooo pumped!! and same with sister wiberg!! im glad he is serving a mission!! that is so great for their family!! i saw david a few times at the MTC!! july 24th... dang. the MTC will be packed!!!! but i be holt is excited so have another french speaker in the ward!!

im glad conner and ricky are going out to Utah!!I hope they like it!! i miss it!! im already super tan here!! the tan lines are awesome!! haha the 2nd full day here we attended 2 baptisms!! both were baptized in the lagoon!! pretty amazing!! i live in a house that has a big kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a nice living room!! only the outer islands are in huts which most elders go to for 4-6 months sometimes during their mission! and out there, there is no email at all or anything.. crazy stuff!! but its sick!! just think... my house here... is about 3 times the size of tanners apartment in provo!! Lolz :) hahahahahahah <--- me laughing at him! we (fortuantely) have indoor pumping in most of the houses taht missionaries stay in in majuro atoll!! the burn most garbage, or ship in to other places to have it burnt! water... haha well alot of bottled water, and rain water from the roofs here is collected and stored in huge bins! we have a really nice filter system!! we taught a person who lived in a house smaller than my bedroom at home. its sooooo humbling to serve here. it really makes me look bad caring about worldly things.. expecially when these people worry about food from day to day... but its all good. very life changing. makes me realize i dont need that much stuff... so that is a good lesson learned!! they have a store here called payless... basically a cub foods/walmart mix. its amazing!! lots of american food!! they receive a ton of money from america because of nuclear testing and such. i have seen corvettes here in the city!! and bikes outside. literally everything here. the island is huge. once your on it... the airport is expanding!! they scoop sand and rocks from the sea and bring it to the surface and make concrete!! the landing was pretty rough and you dont understand a rough landing until a 737 lands on a tiny like freeway sized strip of land!! haha its good though. i love this place. it takes getting used too though!! the food is good, so far!! breadfruit... google that stuff... its like an island potato... idk yet.... it maybe will grow on me haha my companion and i are readign the b.o.m. entirely this transfer!! (6 weeks) and we are asked to read it with a topic in mind. mine is faith. i want to read it at least 4 times on my mission. so i can go through faith, repentence, baptism, holy ghost, etc but idk yet! outer islands, i could read it in about 4-5 days!! that would be unreal!!!

welll.. im about out of time. i hate to make you guys send me just one email, but if you and mom could respond to me in the same email so i can just write a HUGE email once a month, that would be awesome!! have a mom portion, then a dad portion!! but if you cant, thats okay too!! just email me few days before fast sunday each month and you wont have any problems!!

to my friends: I am Marshall(ese). well im going to be. hope you guys enjoyed my email about random stuff to my parents!! hope you all are reading it!! the islands are amazing and im gonna have a hard time ever leaving this place... especially to stone cold minnesota!! you guys are need to write me letters!! i will respond to them!! the mail service is great out here!! so shoot me a letter or something!! taht would be bomb!! love letters accepted ;) ladies... you know who you are :) haha and geoff and bunji too. s/o to my homies/steve back home thinking about me. i love you are and you all are in my prayers everyday. i mean it. you dont know the gospel of jesus christ until you teach it to someone who knows nothing about it. its amazing to see the joy they receive when i share this amazing knowledge with them! i love you all. ij yokwe aolep armej ro :) you guys keep it real and stay golden!! love :)

i love you daddy and i love you mommy!! please stay safe and continue to read scriptures and prayer everyday!! thanks for getting me into the habit!! very awesome!! i will see you guys in a month!! hopefully i get some letters from you and hopefully i get some sent home!!

i love you,

elder ingalls!!

ps-- PLEASE put this into a word doc and auto correct it!!
pss--all the posts on my blog, i would like to someday publish in a book! president and sister shaw did that for their mission to spain!! i think that would be the coolest thing ever!! so if you could help me out and spell check words for me now, that would be amazing!! and i know mom is always on the computer anyway [How rude! I am not! - MOM] ;) :) love you all.

Elder Dallin Ingalls
Marshall Islands Majuro Mission
P.O. Box 1107
Majuro, MH 96960

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