Wednesday, October 23, 2013

9 months - That’s as long as a pregnancy!

The computer finally worked!! It wasn’t working for the longest time and I was so nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to email with you!! But life is good and it worked out!! This week was way good for me!! I haven’t recieved any packages or letters for the last 6 weeks or so… so I’m sure they are on their way J haha well, they better be J I didn't write those letters for nothing!!
HAHAHA YOU GOT PULLED OVER!!!! [I did not get a ticket, though!] I told you I’m the best driver in the family and I meant it and this just goes to show that I’m right ;) haha just kidding, well kinda kidding, but mostly serious! Haha I miss driving. If I ever get blessed to be a zone leader out here then I get a car. But the chances of that aren't high, but I don’t wanna. Haha I like just doing what I'm doing. I really don’t wanna drive a car for 2 years just to say that I didn't. And it would be that much better when I get home!!! Especially in that freezing white stuff you ri-belles call snow… haha funny.
This week was so fun. Just a good week. Got in like 28 studies, and found a bunch of new people and just got complimented a ton on my language skills. I know its not a competition, but its legit and so nice to have people say that you are way good. Haha and yeah maybe I am a bit of a show off haha I came up with an obedience scale and duiriba and I are really pumped about it and it makes trying our best just was fun and it pushes us hard!! He is really pumped about it so that’s been helping him out a ton!!
I just can't believe how far I have got in my mission. 9 months. That’s as long as a pregnancy… haha funny to think about eh? Haha I thought that was funny!! Jeako, my investigator was actually just interviewed this last Saturday and will be baptized this Saturday!! So keep praying for her!! I know dad mentioned a bit about it! We are teaching like crazy. For one of our studies, I sat Dui down and we both wrote out 100 questions to ask people and to help start conversations. Then spent the next couple of days translating them into Marshallese!! It was so good for us and just makes us better. Duiriba is a way tight kid. He’s really opening up and being cool!
Its pretty funny, in the Marshallese song book there are like 55 pages of songs, but we only sing like 3 on average… each ward here has their favorite 3 songs so yeah I started keeping tallys of what songs are sung… haha its hilarious to page through the book and see 40 tallys on one song then the next one have zero. Haha it’ll be funny to show you guys all the little stuff that I did on my mission! I got a ton of elders to start keeping track of songs sung and such. Just the finer things in the mission are what pumps you up!
So I don’t get too much time to email you today. But I'm gonna send you a bunch of pictures!! I got to walk to some of the outer islands on Majuro Atoll because the tide was down!! Its sooo awesome and it just feels like I'm in paradise!!! I get to watch conference this week which I'm way excited about too!! I hope you guys enjoy it. I never really took advantage of watching it when I was at home. It was fun at BYU cuz there were good looking girls to go with! Take it seriously and try to get the most out of it! I know that it was like 3 weeks ago, but you can still read it and still get a lot from it. Its scripture for our day. So just do it J
So Dad awhile back talked about sending out a voice recorder that you can put SD cards into, if you have it you guys should send that out to me so I can say some stuff in Marshallese and give you guys recordings and such!!! Also pants, my pants are getting worn and maybe by Christmas time would be nice to maybe get a new pair. Tan and blue and black khaki pants would be the best!! Like the dockers ones or something. Idk. Not the dressy suit pants tho, they are no good, and machine washable. Haha most of my pants are dry clean only and the Marshall Islands doesn’t know what that means.. haha Also, a lady named Mommity added me on the FB, so if you can you should add her!! She's hilarious. Haha and idk if you guys remember my binoculars but they should be in the closet in my bedroom up against the wall on the right side!! If you guys have absolutely nothing to send me, but are dying to send me something, you could send me those!! Grandpa Dennis would be well pleased that I am using them!!
Okay on to the stuff that matters… recipes…. I wanna know how to make; no peek chicken, garlic bread, carmel popcorn and homemade tortillas!!! You should hook me up with some recipes!!! [Every one of my missionary sons at some point on their missions has asked for recipes from home! Warms my heart to know that they miss my home cooked meals! - MOM]
I love you mom. It seems that every couple days its pday… just going by so fast with me… but its good. I just gotta get to work!!! I got asked to play for the Majuro vball team in there tournament that is coming up!! I had to say no, but dang!! That is quite the compliment… ahaha its so fun playing vball out here!! I'm getting super good too!!! We have a ton of baptisms coming up and I'm just pumped for the progress!! Its so fun!!! And we have really found some awesome families to just go hang with all the time in Uliga!! The work is awesome!!
Please tell Dad I love him and love what he does for me, I only have time to email you this week because of the internet problems. I will get to everyone next week for sure!!! I love you all. You are the best. I think about you guys all the time. I will be right back. See you soon.
Love you baby cakes
Elder Ingalls

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