Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bukarrar - which basically means someone who talks a lot! 9-29-2013

Hello beautiful! How's it going? Its cool I don’t have to pay for emailing because I do it at CMI which is the college of the Marshall Islands. But sometime soon I will have to pay for it and my emails wont get to be as long! So I’m just gonna tell you some great stuff that happened this week!

Its been such a crazy week…. Way good, way frustrating, but somehow I look back and just think, wow, that was a great week for me as a missionary! So funny/new things first. I got the transfer call and I AM staying with Elder Duiriba AND I am going to be whitewashing Uliga North! Way excited to be able to start over and find new people and hopefully I can be an instrument to their progression. But also way nervous about it too. Don’t know members or anyone… soo just starting completely over… for the second transfer in a row with the same companion… haha but its fun also the new intake is coming into the MTC this week so it might be one of the kiddies I get to train in 6 weeks!! I cant believe I’m this far out already!! I don’t want to train. Being junior companion is way to fun and easy!!! Haha but I know I will be blessed and grow a lot from it. So this whitewashing… I’m going from having 14 investigators to 1…. That’s hard but then I’m like… challenge accepted…

Anyways…..  onto the spiritual things of my week. I had a good week and learned a lot and my investigators really wow-ed me this week haha first off, Ajedrik and Jeako got married this week!! Way tight wedding, tons of people and good food! The best wedding I have been to! And I go to a lot!! I taught the Plan of Salvation lesson this week and one of my investigators was tearing up from it and just said to us, “Wow this is amazing. Way, way good study today. I was thinking about going fishing, then for some reason I knew I shouldn’t go but I didn’t know the reason why. And I completely forgot about our study, but this is why” way way cool experience and it hit me how much I love being a missionary right now. I have been named Bukarrar which is basically someone who talks a lot haha all the missionaries are impressed with how I can walk up to anyone without fear and talk to them about anything… the call me bwebwenato makkare which is like the small talk master! Haha way tight to get some recognition!

So also I went to an investigators house this week and he was getting a haircut and I told him that we will go and come back and he was like "NO!! My knowledge that I get from you guys is more important than me looking good for the girls". Hahaha sooo funny... we studied with him when only one side of his head was cut… it was the funniest thing ever! Haha but way tight and made me feel way good. Haha

Also…. Yesterday, I taught a lesson to people in English… Wow I thought I could just say what I would say in Marshallese but translate it over to English and it would be fine…but no! I don’t really know how to teach someone in English! The lessons are so much faster and the questions they are way harder!! There is a reason I'm not serving in the states right now!! I don’t know how to talk to people as a missionary in English anymore hahaha way funny!

This week I really focused on obedience. Just the fact that we are missionaries is a sign of our obedience to our Father in Heaven. It shouldn’t be hard for us, but we are all kids and just trying our best and we're not perfect. But we volunteered for this. We wrote letters to our prophet accepting our call. And after serving 8 months, it really really hit me how it just shouldn’t be a problem. So I'm not going to let it be a problem for me. Just do exactly what I need to do regardless of my companion. I can suggest and advise but I’m not here to babysit and force. I think he is getting the picture.

So I don’t have to much else for you! I hope I sound positive in my emails! Haha Sometimes I am upset on P-day and my emails show it, but I wanna just tell you the good stuff and not just waste my emails venting to you! I hope you enjoy it!! I love talking to you and getting your emails!! You are a great mom and there is not a thing I would change about you!! Except maybe you being the person that made me so short…. Haha 5’8 is short in America but here, I'm in the top 5% of tallest people!! Haha way funny!! I love you mom and hope you are doing well!! Its gonna be a tough week ahead for me, but pray for me and you should know that I'm always praying for you guys!! Give the yokwe to the fam for me and let everyone know that I love them!

Love Elder Ingalls

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