Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I got to bear my testimony to the President of the Marshall Islands!!!

Yokwe eok :) Life is going well out in the Marshall Islands! I always say this place is a paradise and it completely is… most of the time! This island is so beautiful in some places and the nastiest thing ever in the other places. Its hard for people to keep their island clean I guess, especially with no real solution to garbage problem. Haha The pictures you see in the pamphlets and on the internet are indeed real, but they don’t give you the whole picture!! That’s for sure!! I can't wait to come back here some day and do the tourist stuff!!! That will be so cool!

So I wrote out a letter to you guys this week and put some stuff that you guys would like from a brochure and I got that all sent to you a couple days ago. So you should be looking for that in the next couple of days/weeks. Haha basically whenever you can get it… Idk when. So yeah you will like it, it tells a really detailed explanation of downtown and I wrote on it explaining stuff to you!!
This week was awesome with me. I got to do a ton of awesome things. Having a Fijian comp can be difficult and frustrating, but boy do I love the kid, especially when we got to go to the Fijian independence day party at the resort Saturday night!!! I had the best Fijian (only Fijian) food I have ever had!! That was the most fun party ever!! I was sitting at the table and we really aren’t supposed to go dancing as elders but that’s not the Fijian way… the old ladies came and got me and made me dance with them haha such a good time!! Its weird it made me realize a lot of stuff. Partially because I don’t know Fijian… and their culture… but I realized that I’m white. I have been on my mission for 9 months and not one day has gone by where I think I’m Marshallese… but I have just grown to not look at these people any differently than myself and I just felt like over that last months I have just started to fit in. I just feel like I'm part of them. I know their language…kinda haha I do what they do (except spearfishing!) and I am just friends with all of them and they all think I’m hilarious… and I literally don’t do anything… probably cuz I accidently call people “breasts” instead of “friends”. It was an accident...promise! Haha funny stuff.

Anyway, I had a freaking awesome week. Way good, way spiritual, did some serious work and just tried my best to be the best. There were many days where we didn’t have one single lesson planned so we just had to find, contact and visit members all day. But was that fun when we just turned it into a game and just see how many people we could talk to in a day! Our record is 176 people that we talked to in one day. We shared messages with about half, and the other half we just chatted with. People here are so humble and they will talk to you no matter what. Tanner and Logan never got that where they served. Idk if I would be able to do what they did and have so many people not like you or be rude to you. I’m here for a reason. That’s all. I came up with a formula for lessons taught and also a scale for obedience! I got Elder Duiriba super excited about being the best on the scale and just trying hard and he's way into it!! He’s getting up on time and we run 3 miles then lift after. Still getting ripped haha Some of our investigators are getting baptized in the next week as well!! I’m way pumped about the progress we have had in such a short amount of time!! This week was one week where I felt like I could do this forever. I did what I needed to do and I was way happy about doing it. I love this work!!

On that note… I miss BYU. Haha I’m excited to go back to BYU with my freshman fam there!! Bunji and Geoff seem like they are doing well!! I remember when I first got out on my mish some elders said they missed school…. Haha funniest thing in the world because I thought they were nuts! But now I'm saying the same thing! It’ll be fun and I’m enjoying everyday out here. No rush to get back into the world. This week we saw the President of the Marshall Islands at a restaurant and he invited us to sit with him and eat lunch and he bought us ribs!! Sooooo good!! He is way nice and I couldn’t believe he did that. Not too often you have the president of a country buy you lunch. It was awesome because he kept complimenting my language and Dui wouldn’t talk so it was basically me talking to him for like a hour!! I got to bear my testimony to the President of the Marshall Islands!!! WAY COOL!!

I’m happy that Logan is doing his thing. Sounds like the kiddies are doing well. I’m glad Conner was able to get a job and start working. Hopefully they can give him enough hours and he can just go wild and get money and get on his feet. Has he talked with Pattberg yet? Make sure he is and keep talking to him and get his plan figured out!! I’m praying for that boy sooooo much. And I know they are answered. Tanner and that date… what the freak!! I wanna see the pix of the girl though…. I don’t believe anything until the pix come!

I gotta bounce soon because we are doing a combined pday with the whole island of elders!! I wanna write more but I'm just running out of time. But I'm going to try and hand write you some more letters this week!! I’m excited for my birthday coming up!! Haha its cool because its on pday for me so hopefully I can do something fun!!! You guys are awesome and just such good role models for me. I hope I can do the same for you guys. I love this church. I wish all of my friends could know it too. I know they would be happier than they are now. Someday :)  I’m doing what I want, and I’m making my dreams reality :) haha I love you!

Love, Elder Ingalls

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