Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mennin Aukiuj‏ (Things I need)

Message #1
So idk if you wanna send me a package or wait for my birthday or christmas or what not but here are some things that would be awesome to have: some work out shorts, black or blue or something. some new short Nike socks that are black. The dress socks are way to hot haha Some Blaine Hockey t-shirts!!, A snapback hat like Conners!! Maybe some new ties! Not silk tho, because mine are getting wrecked from the humidity... The sunglasses you sent me a couple month ago broke :( the screws started to rust then they broke... haha so if you guys find it in yor hearts to hook up a new pair that would be way cool too. I like the rayban style! I'm set for Crocs and white shirts!! My pants are all good and should last me well into next year. My bag is great. I got that journal and I should start using it in the next couple months. I bought a bunch of gallon sized bags and put most of my stuff in that.
Nothing I need asap, but that would all be some fun stuff to have eventually. There is some other stuff I need that I will tell you next email when I remember my planner. haha you are the best. Don't feel obligated to send anything, but if you could that would be nice! love you baby
Elder Ingalls
Message #2
I'm at the mission office and I got my planner with me haha Here's my list!!
-Board Shorts. Maybe size 32? Not wild ones though
-Work out shorts, kinda like the BYU ones you got me?
-Key chain watch that I could put on a belt buckle. (avoid tan lines/gets sweaty and stinky)
-Transformers belt?! haha if you still have it! <3
-my African shirt! [Sorry bud! That was the first thing to go to Goodwill when you left! Ugly! - MOM]
- Blaine Hockey Tshirt!
-short black Nike socks
-Snapback hat! blackhawks,t-wolves,wild. Just talk to Tanner and Conner about them haha
-Sunglasses. I like the rayban style ones!
-some non-silk ties! Maybe clip on or zipper would be fun!
-more rope or string to make more stuff! I got a sick shark bone necklace that I'm gonna send home soon!
-Atwood rope 1/16 inch - as much as you can get. People make belts here and they are way tight!!!
-Nice work out shirt
-magnetic dart board, like a small toy one!
-Beef Jerky
Idk those are all kinda fun things if you wanna put them in some packages. Maybe for Christmas or my birthday or if you just wanna be nice ;) haha the socks though I would like sooner than later!! Beef jerky is nice :) haha just basically anything :) But no worries if you can't get the stuff. Just fun things!
Love you mom!
Elder Ingalls


  1. What great letters home. You must be so proud. Thanks for this blog. Im living it especially now. My son, Elder Boaden is serving in the MI there too. He has been sent to an outer island, Ebon, to open it up with an other Elder. No electricity, no running water. But he was keen to go lol
    Called it a giant camping adventure. The only downside is we haven't heard from him in 7 weeks which is tough on my mothers heart. Next we will hear from him will be when they come back to Majuro for the holiday festivities. I'd love to know what he needs/wants for Christmas but won't know til the Skype home on Christmas Day. Thank you and your Elder for giving me some fun idea. David's only been out since April, on the island since June but I'm sure he will like some of these things off your sons wish list. If you wouldn't mind would you mention to your Elder I've asked after mine, if he's heard how the outer island missionaries are fairing? Thanks very much. My email is jimnic1@hotmail.com

    We both have great sons :) what a unique mission experience they are having.
    Kindly Nicky

  2. Sounds like your son is on a true adventure! My son has been hoping to get to go to the outer islands! I'm sure it will be a challenge, but also an experience they may never have again in their lifetime. He is my third son to go on a mission and I have learned that it doesn't really matter that much what you send for Christmas, but the thought that matters most! They are well taken care of by the members and the mission president so usually what I send them are wants more than needs anyway. I hope this helps! I'm sure your son is more than fine in the Lord's hands!!!!!