Tuesday, October 15, 2013

He sure says "haha" a lot! - MOM - 9-22-2013

Dear mom,
I ask for patience and, boy, do I get the hardest trials this week…. Not a good week for me :/ It was frustrating to the max.

REGARDLESS…. I am trying my best to keep up the good work haha I feel lazy sometimes but its funny cause getting 45 lessons a week is working hard, 30 is decent and 25 and below is like you're not working at all. But its funny cuz I talk to my friends serving missions anywhere else and they are saying 15 lessons in a week is stellar… HAHAHA that stinks. Their missions must be so boring cuz they barely get to teach people. We are so busy and everyone here will say yes to studying with your because its their culture and its extremely rude to say no to anything.. haha just fun to compare other missions to mine. I don’t really feel as bad getting only 25 lessons in a week now… haha our mission is one of the highest baptizing and teaching missions in the world so we just have a standard to uphold I guess!!

What else…. Oh yeah transfers… they will happen this Friday and I don’t think that I will be moving from the island. I think I will probably be staying with Dui but I think we will be whitewashing Uliga north. We work in the central part of it now. So two transfers in a row I will be whitewashing… dang. President said to the AP’s that he is testing my limits… whatever that means!! But challenge accepted. Its fun. The language is easy now and I understand enough. I still study my heart out though. Its one of my favorite things to do is just learn more. Probably cuz everyone compliments you and your language skills. Haha its just fun. I wanna be the best by my year mark. Its going to be hard and crazy to think that it is only 4 months away. Its just going fast. Sometimes I don’t feel like im doing everything I can, but then again, I look back an I’m like what the freak…. I cant believe all the stuff I have done on my mission so far…

I really wanna see a picture of the framed one you have of me!!! It sounds way legit!! Where is it at and how big is it?! [Kitchen/Living room and it's 16X20 - MOM] Soon, I'm going to send home a package of cool girl stuff you will like!! People love to give me things!! Its sweet I never have to buy souvenirs haha

And Chipotle…. Maybe in their suggestions box you can ask them to deliver to the Marshall Islands? Idk just thought that would be good. They do need to branch out… actually suggest that to every fast food restaurant and see what they say… thanks babe J I miss not having to make food… haha We don’t really eat with members that much, but they are amazing and will feed you all the time. There just isn't Chipotle here like the lame stateside elders get haha Geoff really brags to me about it. Haha but stinks for him because I’m in paradise. End of story. Haha only thing that would make this place better would be Chipotle. Haha [I must say Dallin has always had a little addiction to Chipotle which I find very funny because for the first year they were open he wouldn't even go because he thought it looked disgusting! The first time I took him there was under extreme duress and a bet that he lost! Lucky for him it turned out to be the happiest moment of his life up to that point when he found out how AMAZING it really was and never looked back! - MOM]

I didn’t have time to get Geoffs and Bunjis addresses so I just told them to email you. You don’t have to email them! No worries. Focus on me;) haha So let's talk about the people I'm teaching right now… there are too many to name so I will name a few!! Kathy and Lanny are a couple I found and am teaching and they are going to get married in the next week and baptized the week after that!! They are awesome and love having the elders. They call me Elder Lakatu which means good looking  haha so that makes me feel good! then we have Mommity…. She is awesome. Haha knows perfect English so she really helps us out with Marshallese and pronunciation and such. Way cool. Life is good and we're stilling working with her. Haha some of my favorite people I study with are the Less Actives. Just because they are so cool and you really have to dig into their lives to help them out. You can't just teach them a lesson and expect them to come to church or what not. You really have to get to know them and meet their friends and just live with them. It’s the coolest feeling ever. I miss working solely with less actives. It is some rewarding work. Its weird because so many people measure success by how many baptisms you get, but it was just as rewarding, if not more rewarding to get these people who haven’t came to church in 20 years to put on that shirt and tie and come. We literally get so pumped and celly [Celebrate] super hard. Haha

I love the people here - they are the best. Its tight when you get like 50 kids surrounding you and you get them to start chanting “Eagle, eagle, EAGLE, EAGLE” haha one of these times I'm going to film it! Its sooooo legit and you feel like you own the place. Haha I cant go anywhere without hearing my name! Its way tight. Even if it is just kids, its cool to be the man!

Tell Trayson Happy Birthday for me and let him know that were hitting McDonalds soon! haha Well kinda soon!! You are the best. Sorry my email is short this week. Not too much to say, but hope you enjoyed it!! Next week I should have a bunch of new news for you guys!! Maybe It will be the last time I email you guys for awhile!! Haha just kidding I don’t think that will happen! Haha
I love you mommy!! Love you all family and love you friends. Keep it real and don’t miss me too much!! See you guys next week!

Love Elder Ingalls

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