Thursday, March 27, 2014

Going to Ebeye. The 22nd. More news later! 3-8-2014

Mom!!! What's up girl???
Thanks for your email this week and last week! I read them but I had to type and email before I could log on and read it!! So I wrote you the email before reading what you had to say!! I wasn’t sure how long I was going to have to email so I did it that way!! But this week I can write you a really long email and make up for the small one last week!! I am glad that you enjoyed my email to dad!! I have changed a lot in just the last couple of weeks and I wanna show you guys that change.
Everything is awesome out here. I just had an interview with President and he called me to serve in Ebeye, which is an island in Kwajalein Atoll!! It’s not an outer island, it’s the island that is on the military base for the US!!! Haha So yeah! I don’t really know too much about it but I know that it is one of the most densely populated places in the world!! [5th mostly densely populated island in the world!] The island is a mile long and about 3 football fields wide…. And about 16000 people live there!!  I will be whitewashing with an elder that has been here about 5 weeks so I get to finish off his training! I leave the 22nd. And I now you can send mail there and email and everything. Basically it has all the stuff from here but a little bit nicer! And the naval base there is like superrrrrr nice!! There is a golf course there, subway, burger king!! We can't go to the base all the time but a few times we will get to go there!!! SO PARTY!!!
I don’t really know much about the place! But that’s whats happening! So no worries, President has different plans for me and I am happy to go there!! Actually I am realllllly excited to go there!! I think I will end my mission on an outer island if I am feeling healthy! Haha who knows!!
Anyways…. Give the yokwe to daddy for me!! He's the man. Sorry for you being bored all the time!! Go make some friends or go serve somebody!! There shouldn’t be boring parts in our lives, and only we can be the deciders of that. Anyways on to your questions from last week since you are dying to get the answers to them!
Will you still be going to the outer islands or has this been put on hold indefinitely?
Going to Ebeye. The 22nd. More news later!
Do you like your new companion?

He is cool! Haha but I am excited to work with Elder Hix too. That guy just seems awesome!! Plays sports, and is kinda like me so its nice! A little bit quieter.
What is the best meal that you can cook yourself?

Everything I make is amazing. 5 star quality. Literally. Haha I’m awesome. My favorite thing is pork chops and diced potatos. Way good. Also catching a fish and eating it right there and then… raw!
What foods do you eat most often?

Rice and Pao. Haha rice and fried chicken is the classic! Marshallese bbq is amazing too!
Do you eat with members very often?

2-3 times a week. Nothing like Jenrok where it was everyday and sometimes lunches too!!
Best conversion story?

Best conversion story is still mine, but there are some other good ones as well. Seeing people smoke 3 packs of smokes a day and we teach them the word or wisdom and he has smoked once for 2 weeks now. His name is Jimmy. Amazing strength that our message gives. Pretty awesome
What did you do for this past pday?
We all went to the park in delap. All the missionaries on the island and we played kickball and rugby! It was legit!!   and then emailed, and shopped then got back on my grind and worked!
Anyways, back to the email. I just focused this week on the Book of Mormon. And how important that it is in teaching and how much I need to use it more and read it… It really hit me that I'm just not using it the way I should and I don’t know it as well as I should. So I am starting a super intense study of it and just going to tons more understanding and application. That’s the part I probably lack the most is the application to everything and how I can apply it to my investigators and the members that I teach!
Anyways, I sent Conner an email so hopefully he hits me up!! They email me sometimes!! But not all the time! Haha I hope he is doing well. He just needs better friends. I’m sad he sold his motorcycle… but he’ll figure it out!! Just pray hard for him!! I’m praying for him too!!  Respect anything and everything he does. You don’t need to agree with it, but show him absolute love and just show him the kind of love Heavenly Father shows to you. Don’t you worry everything will happen the way God wants it too, and if we aline with Heavenly Father, we have no need to worry!!
Well, I gotta bounce! I love you mommy!! Have a good week!
Elder Ingalls
Ps that package was gone in like a day…. Hahaha thanks babe

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