Thursday, March 27, 2014

I absolutely love the Book of Mormon (Dad's Birthday Week) 3-16-2014

Heyyy girl heyyyy

What up baby? How are youuuuu doing? Sounds like you had a bomb time at Mall of America… I miss that place… I can't even imagine going to a store right now that has actual stuff… haha but I can buy raybans here and oakleys for like 10 bucks and they are legit as! Sounds like you had a good time there and had fun!! Can't wait for you to just take me out to eat everywhere! And yeah I know imagine dragons I listened to them a lot at BYU. Lorenzo knows some of the guys they are from Vegas! How did they like the concert? I have never really been to a concert before! Other than Tanners boy bands concerts haha only kidding! [Matt and Macey went to the Imagine Dragons concert the week of Spring Break and they loved it!]

Sounds like Grandma is having a good time on heretrip. And TRAYSON IS 4????? Does he like McDonalds still and cars or does he like girls now? Freak I don’t even know what to do when I get home…  I hope that he still loves me. Let me know what he likes… I gotta stay current  with his life! Haha

I am going to Ebeye this Saturday!! I don’t know anything about the island yet! I won't be working right on the military base but on the island a mile from it! Ebeye island! And yeah that place is super densly populated and I am so pumped to go there! This area in Rita is really difficult! So I am ready for the change! And hopefully I get your package soon before I leave but if not, the mission office forwards them to Ebeye!!!

And yeah I saw that Macey emailed me so I will hit her up after talking to you! I miss her a bunch and I am so happy that she emailed me! She's a good girl I hope she stays strong… is she starting to look into what schools she wants to go to? Hopefully BYU that would be so cool to have all the kids out there! And what school is Matt applying too/got into? Tell that clown I miss him and I am gonna beat him up for liking my little baby sister… she's only a child now!! Haha

So anyways on to my week! It was a slow week because Prisbrey was sick and rested so we didn’t get out that much so I had hours each days to read the Book of Mormon. I wanted to only read like a chapter a day but I got carried away and read 1st and 2nd Nephi this last week with the college textbooks it was legit!!! I freaking love Isaiah… it is so frustrating because I don’t understand it at all and I will read a chapter 2 or 3 times!! Haha but with the manual it is nice and I really am starting to slowly get it!! My buddy that just went home from his mission said that he can't get anything out of his studies at home and just doesn’t have the same spirit he had to study as a missionary. It's true. I gotta go hard now so I can learn a ton before I never have time any more.. haha

Its so awesome. I absolutely love the Book of Mormon and you start to get obsessed with reading it after awhile! Haha its good though! I wish I had that fire when I was home!! I know I will have it for sure when I get home!!! Nightly reading with the family will be awesome!! I hope you guys are still doing that!!!

Well I gotta bounce now! I love you mommy so much!! My Pdays in Ebeye are on Tuesdays here… so that’s Monday there? Idk you can figure it out! So yeah thats when I will be emailing you guys next week!!And anyways a bit about Ebeye… they are almost having enough members to have a stake there, and there are 6 elders there and 2 sisters! Packed! More details next week!! Love you suga

Elder Ingalls

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