Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day 2-9-2014 (13 months)

What's up babe? Hope you are doing well. My time is Rita is pretty slow but I have never been working harder. Rita is the end of the island in the town side! Pretty nice place. Some pretty well off people live here so it's cool seeing nice cars and semi big houses!  Haha I can't even really imagine our house... Like carpet, ac in every room, electricity... 2 stories... What the heck we were spoiled. Anyways Elder Prisbrey is the man! And his first name is Dallin as well! Haha pretty funny. It's weird working with somebody older than me... He's decent at Marshallese. He kinda has an accent and just sounds like an American belle... But it's decent. I still learn a lot from him. He's really obedient and I just try to be even more obedient haha it's fun :) we're getting some serious work done here!
We don't have many members in this area... Rita is split up into 3 areas and each and like 4 football fields by 3 football fields... Haha and that's what we have to work in! It's so much different than Jenrok because there really aren't that many people here.. I'm used to just hundreds of kids just wandering around and mobbing me when I came by! I miss that place. I still think Jenrok was one of my favorite places to work on my mission so far. Rita is legit because it is the very edge of the island and there are like 3 outer islands tha,t on low tide we can walk to and we actually have some less actives there as well as some investigators! Everything is cool here. We work with some YSA kids and its legit. They don't have anything to do so they come walk around and work with us all day. Its so legit cuz they help us out cuz they know everybody and we just speak only Marshallese. Its tight. Gets you way good at the language really fast!! It's weird being the younger companion and it's hard to adjust to the knowledge of someone who is more experienced! This time next week will be my 13 months mark! Where is the time going.... It's so crazy. Just way fast. It's weird reading my entries in my journal a year ago and reading how I thought this language was so hard and all this stuff. But I feel pretty good now! It's so easy to speak and I swear I sometimes think in the language! I bet Tanner and Logan both said the same thing about always knowing their language... And it's true it's hard for me to imagine the time when I didn't know it... And just saying stuff around the new elders, it's like come on guys this is so simple and easy... How do they not get it??? Then I read my journal a year ago about how frustrated I was about the language... Haha weird. I haven't had too many solid solid lessons lately because we don't have too many people to study with, but I get to bear my testimony a lot and give people a two minute lesson about the church. You don't tract here in the Marshall's, you kinda just run into people. Haha it's interesting. In doing that, I tell a lot of people about the church and if I can't get them believe, at least they can see the absolute conviction in my eyes that I know it's true. I haven't prayed in English since July... I honestly think I'm gonna suck when I get home... Life's good though. These people need me to be able to pray in their language so they can really feel the spirit. It's cool one lady we met who has being studying with the elders forever who knows perfect English, who usually studies with the elders in English asked if we could just study in Marshallese because she said my Marshallese as well as Prisbreys was the best and most fluent she has ever heard from elders before! Legit. It's a blessing because I feel like I wouldn't be able to do it in English! 
Ijela ke jerbal in ej mol im ij yokwe iien in ao me imaron bed lo majol im kwalok gospel eo nan ro motta. Ebin ao tomak bwe elap tokjen jan ao jerbal in mijinede. Naij lukkuun missi baamle e ao kab aolepen menin jerammon ko ao. Ij kamool bwe anij ej yokwe kijuij kajojo. Ejela kajjied. Naij jar ekijen baamle eo ao kab aolepen ro motta ilo jekan bwe ren bok jerammon ko jan ao jerbal in mijinede. Naij lukkuun missi likatu ippa im ikonaan ba nan eok bwe ij katar eok im mottan wot jidik kwonaaj bed ippa. Naij yokwe eok momma. anij ippam 
Its just hard for me to believe that you cant understand that... Like that's so easy to me and so basic.. Haha someday I will explain it for you guys. I'm really working on the language these days to start really being comfortable and confident to find new people and just be as outgoing as I can. It's weird how it just becomes easier to speak to people in Marshallese.. Haha it's weird talking in Marshallese to other elders but with some it's so legit! Even when I speak English I use Marshallese words because they just work better and the elders here are all pretty fluent in Marshallese! Pretty crazy to think in 5 weeks or so, my intake [The young men he travelled to the Marshall Islands with 13 months ago] will be the 2nd oldest group of elders in the mission! What the heck!!! There was a huge gap where no elders came in for a couple months so yeah the next elders to basically go home is Parkinson's intake! Man I miss that guy! I think he was my all time favorite companion and I just loved working with him so much!! It's funny I'm in Rita which is one side of the island and he is in Laura right now which is the other side if the island!
You know you have been here too long when you start thinking this island is big... Haha boy am I in for a treat haha anyways, whitewashing for the 4th on my mission is tough, but it's nice to have a fresh start and try to get an area jump started again! President has some real faith in me! I'll probably be here for the next. 4-6 weeks and then probably be able to bounce to my outer island! Haha well hopefully! My knees aren't bad and they are just making sure everything is going well first. No worries. You guys have nothing to worry about!
How are my brothers and my sister doing?? I hope Macey kills it at State this year! I feel really stupid but I'm 90% sure she is a sophomore...? I couldn't remember if I come home when she is a senior or not... Man I suck. Haha the boys sound pretty good out there in Utah! Motorcycles huh? Haha I guess dreams do come true! I saw some pictures of them and boy am I jealous! I think I might get a blue or red or black one depending on what Tanner eventually gets! I can't believe this semester is half way over for those guys right? Man I thought my 9 weeks at BYU for summer was long! But that's only like a transfer and a half! That's nothing!!! Crazy to think I'm 7 transfers from coming home! That's probably gonna be like 2 or 3 more areas depending if I go to an outer island eventually... anyways, the kids... Any big news with then that I gotta know about? Nobody is prison? Married? Death? Aced a hard test? Learned a new language? Forget a language? How's mcdonalds and chipotle? Those guys were my best friends. I hope they wait for me. Nothing gets me trunkier that talking about cars and Texas Roadhouse steak! Haha it's weird seeing shacks here but they got camaros, chargers, there's a 300c here and some other way nice cars. Haha they really take the humble house, nice cars approach to the max! 
I gotta bounce now cuz the internet is probably gonna shut off soon! I'm being super careful! Tell everyone I love them and I'll see everyone in a couple months! Peace out and love u suga ;)
Elder Ingalls <3
Ps I love you

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