Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Love You a Million Subway Sandwiches! 3-24-2014

I HAD SUBWAY AND BURGER KING!!!!!!!! Probably the best moment of my mission! Haha I'm in Ebeye now! I left Saturday and went to the military base! I didn't have enough money to go bowling or golfing or anything... But I got Subway. And oh my goodness that was the best thing of my life. It's legit. Then after a bit we took and old military transport to Ebeye which is their ferry. It's a huge boat! I got some nice pictures of it and me on it so it's pretty good!  I love it here.
But first let's talk about Kwajalein.... That place... Grass, trees, nice buildings, streets with names, white people.... Subway, gold course, groomed trees, a huge airport, English... I was sooooo just in shock because of it. Haha and that's no where near what Hawaii is gonna be like for me.. Let alone innesota. I'm nervous! Haha so yeah after eating we took the ferry to Ebeye and, dang, this place is for sure the most crowded place in the world I think! Thousands of people on this little island! No matter where you go there are people there. The island is about a mile long. I run it in the morning and am doing perfect push-ups. It's nice. The church here is super strong and the members are really active and want to help out with missionary work. It's weird whitewashing on an island I've never been too. It's super hard too... But I got my homie Elder Hix to work with. He's from Wyoming. And he's been out like 2 months. He played college basketball so he's teaching me some stuff! Haha who's knows maybe I could get good with him. We work out hard in the mornings and at night. We're trying to get ripped up this transfer. Have a good time and go hard and get to work. It's hard planning because we don't have anyone we know so we just wander around and talk to people. Little by little. So there are 6 elders on the island and 2 sisters but we don't count them cuz they don't count. Haha it's divided into 3 areas and I work in the south. It's the biggest area and there is a lot of people here!! And I know Heavenly Father has put them in our paths because they are ready to hear the gospel. 
I live in a super nice apartment here! 2 bathrooms and everything! It's a sweet place! If I had something like this after my mission I would be set!! Hopefully the boys look for a nice house we can all get as brothers when I come home. Haha it's gonna be hard because a lot of my mission buds wanna room together too! I think Jenrok was one of my favorite areas on Majuro but this could possibly turn into my favorite area as well! Who knows!
So anyways Kwajalein broadcasts cable for the troops and Ebeye gets the signal as well cause they are only like 5 miles away so everyone here, no matter if they have a nice house or tin house, pretty much has a tv with cable. Haha I saw some of the new Big Bang theory episodes! Only like 30 seconds but it looked good! Haha and it's cool how everyone here watches sports so they all know about the Timberwolves when I tell them I'm from Minnesota and they all know about Kevin Love! Wish I knew more about basketball! Haha just a different place. It's kinda cool the island just has a one way road that's a loop around the island, but there are sidewalks and curbs and stuff. And street signs! I was way surprised about that! this place could be really nice but the garbage problems here are high. I wish they would take care of there islands a little bit more! It's cool on our run the road is like right on the ocean and it feels like you're in California or something! I really like it here. The people are just nicer and wanna talk and be friendly. It's something that's gonna help out a lot. It's cool seeing everyone doing their callings and all that good stuff as well! They say that this island alone could be a stake within the next year! I wanna work hard to help that happen! They are a district right now. And all the areas are branches! 3 branches on this little island! This island is about the stretch from 242 to Bunker and maybe 2-3 football fields on each side. And that's about it. Tiny!!! Haha but to me, it's a pretty big island!
Today for pday we might jumbo out to some of the outer islands in the atoll! This atoll is masssssssive! Way cool! Our branch president works on one of the islands that launches missiles!!! He showed us a ton of pictures that might be classified! Haha I don't know! Thank goodness I'm not a terrorist. So yeah today will be fun! Pday here is pretty nice and relaxed! I love my mission. Can't believe I'm like 14 months out... Goes by too fast I swear. So yeah that's the island. The food is nice here but a lot more expensive than Majuro but I'll manage. Even if I have to eat ramen for a couple weeks! Heavenly Father won't allow his hard working missionaries to go hungry. So I gotta get my butt to work!!! 
My studies this week were nice. Just read through the book of Jacob. I realllly enjoyed it. It's a good read and with the manuals I'm learning a ton!! I'm gonna be a genius when I get home!! Hopefully!! Haha anyways I better bounce soon. I don't think I'm really gonna be able to email anyone else this week so make sure everyone who wants to know what in doing gets to read this email! But remember these are all love letters to you!
I love you mommy hope you have a good week!!! Tell me everything, love you doll!
Your son
Ps I love you a million subway sandwiches
Pss give dad some yokwe and tell him I'm gonna give him a huge email next week!
Psss there's a direct mailing address for this place to send stuff to me but idk what it is yet. Hopefully I will let you know next week! So don't send anything to majuro! And I got the slingshot Logan sent me!!!! Okay bye!!

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