Thursday, March 27, 2014

My house flooded. Really bad... 2-16-2014

That's mom in Marshallese! How are you doing? How's life? How's Dad? How's Macey? How are the brothers? How's the weather? How's the food? Tell me everything!
Everything is going well... I have some bad news though.. My house flooded. Really bad... The power went out Thursday morning and one of the sinks was randomly left on in the bathroom and the vent was clogged in the bathroom and we didn't know it.. Well the power came back on at like noon and the sink started going! We didn't get back to the house until about 9 o'clock and there was water running off of balcony and down the stairs to our apartment... We rushed inside and little did we know our sink was left on for about 9 hours... The house had about 3-4 inches of water in it... Sooo yeah that was a late night of trying to take crummy brooms and brush the water down the stairs and out the balcony... Haha we live in a house and we have the top floor! Lots of my letters and notebooks got ruined, my quad scriptures are ruined and some of my pictures :/ my suitcases were in the water too so my clothes got wet but they should be fine. Uhhh talk about a challenging week! It's okay though we eventually got all the water house and just trying to air this place out and make sure there is no mold! My suitcases are fine and most of my stuff is fine except for my scriptures- the only thing that I wish would not have gotten wet... So I hate to ask but I'm going to need a new quad,the binding is broken and falling apart. I seriously wanna cry I have put a year of studying and work into those so I'm gonna need a new set. If there is a way you can send me a new one that would be wonderful! I only have a Marshallese set right now.. Haha. But if you can send me a new set, try to get the ones like Dad's. I like the smaller ones. And maybe a scripture case for it as well. Whatever you can get its good. [I already bought them and sent them too him - hopefully, he will get them soon!] And I could use 2 new pairs if pants. The ones grandma sent me were great except the zipper broke a couple days ago!!! Shucks!! Still a size 32. Some khaki tan slim pants would be nice.  Whatever works! Take your time. [I already sent him those too! Good mom award goes to me!] There is a fine line between patience and not caring and sometimes I think I have just learned not to care haha
So yeah that was a highlight of the week I took some videos of me jumping in the puddles and what not... Kinda funny! Other than my jeje ko rekwojarjar! (Scriptures!) this week has been kind of slow.. We didn't get to see that many people just because everyone was gone! I have no idea where they all were but it was so slow!! The lessons we did have were awesome, but just not many! It's hard going from working in really populated areas to areas where there is just nobody! Haha it's hard for me to remember all the months I spent out in Arrak with slow work! But it's good. Prisbrey and I are very new to the area and still trying to figure out where members live and see who's active and who's not!  It's fun. And if it's not, I make it fun! Missionary work is fun! I don't think I would enjoy it as much anywhere else! But it's good! I'm glad to be where I'm at and I can't believe how fast it is going! 
Yesterday was 13 months... Dang!! That feels good. It's nice not because of the fact that I'm going home, but the fact that I'm getting better and better at what I'm doing! It just gets easier and easier. It's gonna be weird stopping what I'm doing. I just feel like this is my job and this is gonna be what in doing for the rest of my life! It's cool! I didn't think I would ever feel that way! I was talking to Dad a little bit of how I was studying about sacrifice! It's cool how what I consider to be a sacrifice is different that what I considered it to be a year ago, or even a couple of months ago! Perfection in my work and fine tuning is what I'm focusing on now. It's difficult to throw away bad habits or stop doing some worldly things, but I can accomplish and I receive blessings such as confidence in the language or better understanding of gospel principles or just being happier. It's nice. 
Rita north is a good area! There's a reason I was to go here and stay here for a bit rather than to go to Ailinglaplap right now. I was so upset, but there has been some mission changing things that I've learned here that are preparing to me to eventually serve somewhere else! Who knows! I'm happy to work here. The knees are fine. Just poor healthcare here. The doctor asked me what I wanted him to do about it... Haha he held the X-rays up to the ceiling fan light... Haha it's different here. So your son might need to have back surgery for knee problems! Haha just kidding.
Sometimes I think to myself how different this place is!! Like seriously everything. It's gonna be so hard to adjust to the people and the way things are when I get home! Me and Prisbrey were just talking about it and we could list soooo many things... Haha it's just funny I think a rich person has a fridge and running water.... And the way people dress. They are very modest here. Thank goodness I'm going home in the winter, but even then girls find ways to do it. And driving fast in a car. I think the fastest I have been was like 55mph and I was freaking out!!! Just because the roads are rough and barely 2 lanes!  I think driving on snow is something I'm definitely going to have to ease into. It's just a different world down here. I don't think people understand what land really is, or how many people 100,000 actually is, or that there aren't lagoons and that my house is a 2-3 day drive to the ocean.... Haha just funny! 
So yeah this week was good. I'm writing this all before I read your email so I will send this and then maybe try to write a smaller one to answer any questions or what not. Love you mom so much, you are the best! Happy valentines day, happy birthday pretty soon! Happy everything! be back in a couple months! you're the best!
Love your favorite elder/son
Elder Ingalls 
Ps I loveeeeeeeee you

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