Thursday, March 20, 2014

I'm really sad to leave Jenrok 1-11-2014

Sup babe??? Well the time has come!!!!!! This is my last email to you for the next 4-6 months! This Friday I'm gonna hop on a plane and fly to Ailinglaplap!!! But if it doesn't fly I could be going to get in a boat to take a 14 hour open ocean boat trip there! It's one of the most primitive outer islands in the Marshalls! No anything... Haha no power, internet, running water, they have a bit of solar electricity but nothing we use... No stores, or much of anything. It's about 400 miles from Majuro Atoll! Haha nuts!!! My time has come! I'm soooo pumped!!! It's gonna be the scariest thing if my life but it's gonna be one of the best thing that ever happen to me! I'm going to learn sooo much! People out there don't speak any English so my Marshallese is gonna be amazing and my English.... Well I will get better at that when I go home! haha it's going to be soooo awesome. I'm so amped. So yeah that is my news. This is gonna be the last email I get to send to you for a couple of months! All letters and packages I get will be kept in the office and waiting for me so I won't get any of that stuff! So you shouldn't send me packages or anything until I get back to Majuro Atoll. 
Dang this is going to be such an adventure! When the assistants called me and I don't think I slept more than 20 minutes that whole night! A billion things went through my head! It's gonna be so legit! I can't believe that I am going to be completely shut out for the outside world and literally have no idea what's going on!! So pumped!!!!! It's gonna be pretty hard. 6 months is gonna be a long time that's for sure. But knowing that I'm in God's hands and I am totally and completely protected. I'm gonna go through some hard stuff but I will manage haha I always said I wanted to be on survivor haha and this is harder because I have to do that and teach people the gospel! dang I'm so pumped! I'm gonna do some crazy stuff out there! Gonna go shark fishing soon too-it's gonna be legit!!!!
I'm really sad to leave Jenrok. It's hard because I have like 6 baptisms lined up and I just love the members here. They are like my family here. It's hard because I know the language the best here so it's the easiest to have the most fun! I really love working in Jenrok. There is a lot of work to be done still. I know Elder Faleono is the man for the job. He's an amazing elder and I have absolutely loved working with him. He's one of my best friends out here. Haha he's crazier than me too! This mission is going so fast for me. These next few months are going to go even faster! I hope they go fast for you as well!
I think I might still need to watch the bachelor when I get home -it's kinda my show..... Hahaha you will get back into it don't you worry [I used to watch it, but this last bachelor was so lame that I couldn't even stand to watch it!] yeah we have had about a 4 week drought because the wind has been so fierce that rain clouds can't form so no rain! We are all using well water right now but if it doesn't rain hard soon, we gonna have to hop in the ocean or something! Haha  we are getting 7 new elders in 2 weeks then 11 new ones in March and I'm not gonna know any of them because I will be gone!!! Idk what it was like for Tanner and Logan's missions but in mine, you know everyone that's a missionary and we are all super close!!! So not knowing about 20 elders, which is about half the ones here in the Marshall's, is crazy to me!!!
I was stoked to hear about Macey's dance competition!! 2nd place isn't bad!! So do they go to State?? [Yes, they did!] They sound like they are awesome! I miss being able to watch them! Dance is so hard haha it's good to hear that the boys are doing well in the promised land!! I can't wait to join them eventually!! Haha I can't believe Conner has to bike so far for his job!! [He eventually bought a car!] Haha how is he liking it? Tell Tanner to make some moves!! I'm coming home soon and ask him if that $100 means anything to him!!!
Well, I have no idea what you wanna do about emails and my blog if I even have one or letters and stuff. I know I'm gonna write in my journal hard and bring a special outer island adventures journal!! So I will keep you way posted it'll just be a couple of months old but it'll be good. I really wanna do some serious work there! If you guys wanna email me I guess you can but have like 100 emails that I won't be able able to have time to read might not go so well. Whatever you want is fine with me. I really don't even know what else to say other than I love you and am so happy to have this experience and hopefully help these people a ton! I don't wanna just come home with stories. I wanna come home with people's lives changed. I know the importance of having the spirit with me and that 3rd person in our companionships. I work super hard to always have it. I love being a missionary and I know that this is where my Father in Heaven wants me to be right now. 
To the friends: idk if you guys ever read my blog but if you guys are extremely bored and are wondering what I'm doing.... Go ahead and take a gander! I'm heading to Ailinglaplap this Friday for a couple months... So power, water, food, anything... Pray that I don't die... Hahaha So don't miss me too much! I'm gonna miss you guys a ton, especially Steve. That kid is a stud you all need to love him up and thank him for being amazing. I will be home soon enough, so you guys enjoy your break from me! Haha you all be good!! Remember, ambition can be a virtue when it drives you to excel. Love you guys and see ya in a couple months. 
I'm gonna miss you mom! Make sure you keep a nice long email telling me of what you have been up to and I will do the same. you are awesome and I am going to be missing and praying for you a ton! I will talk to you soon babe don't you worry, I'm gonna be right back!
I love you mom!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Ingalls 

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