Thursday, March 27, 2014

Whatever God wants of me is what I want for myself (Letter to Dad) 3-2-2014

Richard!!! Daddy!!!

I don't have that much money so I'm writing you this as a word document and then I'm gonna send it to you! Then maybe I can answer a few more of your questions!! This week was pretty nice. I have never taught more lessons in one week than any other time on my mission! On top of that we did the "rescue" this week which was on Tuesday all the leaders and the elders quorum got together at the church, paired off with a list on less actives to see and went off and invited them all to come to church! Pretty legit!! The building was packed with people and it really worked! They were excited to do it and were gonna to be doing it every Tuesday from now on! They did it in Kiribati and wards with 100 people eventually had 250-300! And they had to divide the ward! So we're working hard to get those people back to church! I wish our ward back home could do something awesome like that! Who knows maybe you guys did and I just didn't know..

This week I really focused on the oath and covenant of the priesthood. Man that was good. Each week I am trying to deepen my understanding and knowledge of a certain topic and not the obvious ones like Faith and that stuff. Those are good, but I have already done them! Anyways, I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants and just really dug into it. Dang it was awesome. It's cool to learn how important oaths were in the time of Christ and the times of Nephi and how binding they were. They are promises that people back then wouldn't dare break, even unto death. Nothing stronger and more binding. It's so cool to see that we are promised all the Father has if we just do our part which is receiving the priesthood and basically live by every word that proceeds from God. Wow doesn't that just seem easy! Sounds like we get the better half of the deal! I read how was are under an oath and covenant to magnify our callings. If we are a Sunbeams teacher or an apostle, it doesn't matter as long and we do our best, we will receive God's kingdom. Wow!!! I guess if we don't magnify our callings, that would be considered sin. And when we're disobedient in missionary working that's not magnifying my calling. That hit me pretty hard. It really pushed me over the edge to exact obedience. I know I just gotta do my best and The Lord will cover the rest. So go hard in your calling and do work!

That's a couple days of my personal studies. There's ten times more than that but I thought I would give you a taste. This week was pretty good. Finding is difficult in an area like this. But the people here are sooo rich!! Then have like hummers, mustangs, chargers, and just quite a few nice cars! Their houses are pretty nice too! But I have noticed with wealth comes some hardened hearts, but we work through it. Rich or poor, famous or unknown all these people need is this simple message that us Elders have. It's a good time working with Prisbrey. He is really nice and to be honest reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite. I will send a picture home soon for you guys! I think President has some new opportunities to serve and I think I'm gonna be on the island for awhile. My knees are fine and they think it could be Osgood Schlatters or calcium build ups but they don't know. Either way even if I was healthy I think my place to serve is still on the island and I don't mind! I can go out later - I'm in no rush! Whatever God wants of me is what I want for myself. [I LOVE hearing this from him! MOM]

I hope work is going well for you. You have some fun and do something that makes you happy. I was pumped to hear about the gym membership. How is that going to work with Macey and seminary? What's the plan for that? I am not able to go to the gym at the moment and I think I have lost 5-10 pounds in the last month... So yeah I think I am close to 155lbs. I'm gonna weigh myself when I go to the office today! I'm getting pretty toned. I do 200 push ups every night with the perfect push ups. And then do abs and core! Conner's got nothing on me! Give mommy some yokwe! I miss that lady! Go enjoy some chipotle or something for me! Haha you have a good rest of your week! I will try to write a bit after I read your email! Love you dad!!!!!!!!!

Elder Ingalls

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