Thursday, March 27, 2014

I love you babe!! 3-1-2014

Sorry my email to you is going to be so short!! The computer keeps freezing and it's honestly the most frustrating thing in the world. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time at home and staying busy with the Relief Society. I want the sisters here to be strong like you! I wish wards would do more activities and spend more time strengthening the members and be strong together. It's all good though. The best thing I can do is to strengthen them myself. I can encourage and inform. 
Sounds like Macey is in for a treat with that baby doll! [She has to bring home an electronic baby and take care of it for 18 hours, it records how well she does!] I remember when she had dolls and stuff when she was just that cute little 3 year old. That's the Macey I know best! I miss that girl tell her to email me!!! She's the worst out of all the kids!! Haha I don't have much time to email you so I won't get to check anyone else's emails!! [She did email him this week (probably out of guilt, but whatever!)]
I wrote Dad a nice long one because he needs to hear from his son!! It was one of my better emails that I have written and more spiritual! Nothing is really new with the work so I am focusing on my studies and more spiritual things.  I'm gonna try and answer your questions but I gotta bounce so maybe I can hop in today after sports and shopping and stuff!
I hope you have a good week!! I love you babe!!
Elder Ingalls 

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